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Klara Müller

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I am a PhD candidate at the Division for History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH Royal Institute of Technology since January 2021, as a part of the project Making Universities Matter.

Placed at the intersection between research policy, STS and the history of humanities, the project aims to analyze quality articulations on both the micro-level and the macro-level of the humanities since the 1980s. This is done through a combination of various methodological approaches such as archival research, oral history and bibliometrics.

I have a background in the History of Science and Ideas as well as Media History, with degrees from Uppsala University (2020) and Lund University (2018). I have also studied archival science and literary studies. Thorugh these fields, I have been able to unite my interest for the historical changes of conditions for knowledge production and circulation. This has also been visible in my previous work which for example concerned how medical knowledge has been affected by new technologies and changing bureaucratic practices.


Degree Project in Engineering Physics, First cycle (SA114X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Vehicle Engineering, First Level (SA115X), teacher | Course web

Gender and Technology (AK2202), teacher | Course web

Media, Technology and Culture (AK2203), teacher | Course web

Programme Integrating Course in Computer Science Engineering (DD1390), assistant | Course web

Swedish Society, Culture and Industry in Historical Perspective (AK1213), teacher | Course web

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