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Rakel Wreland Lindström

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Om mig

My main research focus at KTH is within the fields of fuel cells and batteries. Especially performance and durability issues of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and Li-ion batteries for hybrid electrical vehicles are addressed. For the future development of fuel cells, the performance of novel cell components; catalysts and polymer electrolytes and their properties in the operating cell are investigated. Aging and the influence of contamination related to fuel quality is another activity. On Li-ion batteries the focus is on lifetime issues related to larger cells for vehicle applications. I also have some activity on Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) for wastewater treatment.

Since 2013, I am docent in Chemical Engineering at KTH, but my PhD-degree from 2003 is in Inorganic Chemistry from Göteborg University. My research have over the years covered a wide range of electrochemical systems from atmospheric corrosion of Zn and Mg-alloys during my PhD, to thin film Li-intercalating vanadium oxides as post-doc at Paris-Tech, and electrocatalysis related to Direct Methanol Fuel Cell as post-doc at Ulm Universität. I am especially found of in-situ studies combining electrochemical methods with other analytical or microscopic techniques such as masspectrometry, NMR or AFM.


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