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Göran Gustafssonpris tilldelas Professor Felix Ryde

År 2016 tilldelas Professor Felix Ryde det prestigefyllda Göran Gustafssonpriset i fysik med motiveringen: "för hans genuint nytänkande forskning rörande de observationer av våldsamma astropartikelfysikaliska fenomen, vars vetenskapliga förklaringar kan utvidga vår bild av universum".

Göran Gustafssonprisen delas årligen ut av Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin i kategorierna molekylär biologi, fysik, kemi, matematik och medicin.

Klicka här för att se pressmeddelandet på KVA:s hemsida och Felix Rydes presentation av sin forskning på gamma-ray burst

Award to Professor Yifang Ban

On the 6th of July 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) presented an award to Prof. Yifang Ban in appreciation and recognition of the outstanding contribution to the success and achievements of the MOST/ESA Dragon 3 Cooperation 2012-2016’ at the Dragon 3 Final Symposium and Dragon 4 Kick-Off in Wuhan, China.

Prof. Ban is the European Lead Principle Investigator (PI) for the project’ Multitemporal Multisensor Analysis of Urban Agglomeration and Climate Impact in China for Sustainable Development' within the Dragon 3 program.  During 2012 to 2016, the project team developed algorithms and methods to monitor the spatiotemporal patterns of China's urbanization using satellite images and assessed the environmental/climate impact with 15 journal publications and five PhD graduates.

Yifang Ban is the Professor and Director of the Geoinformatics Division at the Department of Urban Planning and Environment, the School of Architecture and the Built Environment. She is the European Lead PI for the new project ‘Earth Observation Based Urban Services for Smart Cities & Sustainable Urbanization' within the Dragon 4 program.

For more information, please contact yifang@kth.se or 076 2345948.

Best Poster Award to Dr. Jan Haas

Dr. Jan Haas, a research scientist at the Division of Geoinformatics received the Best Poster Award on the 6th of July 2016 for his poster entitled ‘Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Urban Ecosystem Services with Sentinel-2A MSI Data’ at the Dragon 3 Final Symposium and Dragon 4 Kick-Off in Wuhan, China.

Jan Haas conducted his PhD research within the Dragon 3 project lead by Professor Yifang Ban and successfully defended in PhD in early 2016 with a dissertation entitled ‘Remote Sensing of Urbanization and Environmental Impacts’.