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Course material & Preparation

You need the followings to start the course. You can prepare and get a smooth start.

* Course book:Nisan and Schocken, "The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles" , MIT Press. The first chapters are available in full text here. The entire book is available through (Search for the book title.)It is possible to order the book at the larger Swedish online bookshops.
* Software:You can download the software tools from: During the course you will use all the tools listed on the nand2tetris webpage.
* Compilers:Some projects will be done in Python. You can find detailed information on how to install Python on the DD1316 webpage:
* Command prompt: If you work in Windows, you will need to use command prompt to run Python programs with arguments. If you have not used the command prompt before, make sure you learn to use it. You can find a short tutorial about the command prompt here:, information on how to set a PATH to the Python directory can be found here (you have similar information available on the DD1316 course page!) and a video on running Python from the command prompt here
Support via Funka

If you have a disability, you may receive support from Funka:

Inform the course responsible teacher. We recommend you inform the teacher regarding any need you may have. Funka does not automatically inform the teacher.

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