Short videos with tips on presentation techniques

1. Olle Bälter's Unified Field Theory for Presentation Technique

The difference between the message and what you say.

. Start with the most important idea

Or most important result. Why you should not open a presentation in the way everyone but me suggests. The traditional academic order of presenting is good for written communication, but not oral presentations. Provide the audience with a context that explains the reach and breadth of your results.

2. Nervousness can be good for you - embrace it

Nervousness is good sign you care about your presentation. You are not alone. Practice. Breathe. Introduction by heart. Find friendly faces. Aim at forehead.

3. Clothes can be distracting

Adapt your clothes to your message.

4. Text is distracting

Avoid text as much as possible unless you want the audience to read it instead of listening to you.

5. Movement is distracting

Movement can be your enemy unless you use it to your own advantage.

6. Don't let technical aids interfere with your message

Darkness makes people fall asleep. Humming makes people fall asleep. A projection makes the presenter look and talk in the wrong direction. Use only when they add something to your presentation.

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