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KTH at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME21)

The Sound and Music Computing and Creative Media Technology teams at KTH kindly welcomes you all to the Sound and Music Interactions seminar on Tuesday September 7th, 15:00.

Tid: Ti 2021-09-07 kl 15.00

Plats: Online

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In this seminar, we will watch the following presentations by KTH researchers at the NIME 21 conference, and have discussions with all authors who are attending our seminar:

  • Sounds of Futures Passed: Media Archaeology and Design Fiction as a NIME Methodologies; Derek Holzer, Henrik Frisk, Andre Holzapfel
  • Sensitiv – Designing a Sonic Co-play Tool for Interactive Dance; Lisa Andersson López, Thelma Svenns, Andre Holzapfel
  • The Rullen Band- Inclusive Musical Instruments Made for Playing Together; Maria Svahn, Josefine Hölling, Fanny Curtsson, Nina Nokelainen
  • Re-Imagining (Accessible) Digital Musical Instruments: A Survey on Electronic Music-Making Tools; Emma Frid, Alon A Ilsar
  • The Body Electric: A NIME designed through and with the somatic experience of singing; Kelsey I Cotton, Pedro Sanches, Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Pavel Karpashevich

For more info on the NIME conference: nime2021.org