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Menya, E., Olupot, P. W., Storz, H., Lubwama, M., Kiros, Y. & John, M. J. (2020). Effect of alkaline pretreatment on the thermal behavior and chemical properties of rice husk varieties in relation to activated carbon production. Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry (Print), 139(3), 1681-1691.
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Dahlin, S. (2020). Deactivation of emission control catalysts for heavy-duty vehicles : Impact of biofuel and lube oil-derived contaminants (Doktorsavhandling , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, TRITA-CBH-FOU 2020:10). Hämtad från http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:kth:diva-267206.
Bergman, U. L., Dahlin, S., Mesilov, V. V., Xiao, Y., Englund, J., Xi, S. ... Bernasek, S. L. (2020). In-situ studies of oxidation/reduction of copper in Cu-CHA SCR catalysts : Comparison of fresh and SO2-poisoned catalysts. Applied Catalysis B : Environmental, 269.
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Hernandez, A., Andersson, K. J., Engvall, K. & Kantarelis, E. (2020). Gas-Phase Potassium Effects and the Role of the Support on the Tar Reforming of Biomass-Derived Producer Gas Over Sulfur-Equilibrated Ni/MgAl2O4. Energy & Fuels, 34(9), 11103-11111.
Sadeghian, P., Duwig, C., Sköldenberg, O., Tammelin, A., Rahimi Hosseini, A. & Sadrizadeh, S. (2021). Numerical investigation of the impact of warming blankets on the performance of ventilation systems in the operating room. Advances in Building Energy Research, 1-23.
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Mesilov, V., Dahlin, S., Bergman, S. L., Xi, S., Englund, J., Malm, H. ... Bernasek, S. L. (2022). Impact of Biodiesel-Based Phosphorus and Sulfur on Copper Speciation of Cu-SSZ-13 Catalysts : XAFS Scanning during H-2-TPR. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(7), 3385-3396.
Mesilov, V., Dahlin, S., Bergman, S. L., Hammershøi, P. S., Xi, S., Pettersson, L. & Bernasek, S. L. (2021). Insights into sulfur poisoning and regeneration of Cu-SSZ-13 catalysts: : In situ Cu and S K-edge XAS studies. Catalysis Science & Technology, 11(16), 5619-5632.
Mesilov, V., Pon, L., Dahlin, S., Bergman, S. L., Pettersson, L. J. & Bernasek, S. L. (2022). Computational Study of Noble Metal CHA Zeolites : NO Adsorptionand Sulfur Resistance br. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126(16), 7022-7035.
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Chien, T.-E., Hohmann, L. & Harding, D. J. (2022). Near-ambient pressure velocity map imaging. Journal of Chemical Physics, 157(3).
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