Now the project is in full swing. Employees have been identified with respect to: The work tasks that have changed. Employment changes line organisation. Discussions were held at an individual level with the line manager and HR Manager. Thereafter, everyone was invited to a workshop where we together discussed concrete questions but also talked about … Continue reading “”

Time for some time off

We are approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve and I take the opportunity thank all ITM employees, students and scholarship fellows for all the strong engagement and valuable contributions during 2016. My hope is that the we all during the coming two weeks find enough time to relax, to practice our hobbies and to enjoy … Continue reading “Time for some time off”

Another triumph for ITM school! The diploma ceremony.

One of the highlights at the end of every semester is the graduation (diploma) ceremony in the City Hall. This fall was no different for our school. We were sharing the evening (KTH need two days for this) with four other schools: ECE, CHE, BIO and ICT. The ceremony is really fantastic with KTH symphony … Continue reading “Another triumph for ITM school! The diploma ceremony.”

Time to celebrate

The last few weeks have been really intense with teaching, a workshop with lots of guests and much celebration. First there was the ceremony in the Concert Hall where 185 of the 308 doctors who graduated from KTH since the last time were promoted. It was striking how in the beginning it seemed like everyone … Continue reading “Time to celebrate”