PhD students’ survey and conference

The survey to all PhD students at ITM will be sent out very soon, hopefully on Monday. Please fill in the survey as soon as it arrives. Please also let us know if somebody should have received the survey but didn’t. We are currently checking the email-lists to all PhD students but there will probably … Continue reading “PhD students’ survey and conference”

Spring activities

Currently, the safety inspections are ongoing. So far the inspections at Deans Office, Industrial Economy and Management, Industrial Production, Machine Design and Materials Science and Engineering have been completed. We are currently waiting for the written statements from the inspections. However, so far we have noticed one very positive thing. All the remarks from the … Continue reading “Spring activities”

Review of administrative resources

Background The management administration within ITM is being reviewed. The purpose of this review is mainly to strengthen the administrative support in the academic line with maintained/lower overheads. As a first step, the School will open a new service centre on 1 April with a service desk in Maskinkvarteret and a service desk in Sing … Continue reading “Review of administrative resources”

GA Lundqvist signing off!

With the first half of the blog I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my colleagues at the ITM School for many years of collaborative efforts. The role of GA at the school is both rewarding and challenging for sure. It has been thrilling, frustrating, fun but always very meaningful. There is … Continue reading “GA Lundqvist signing off!”