Designing for experience: body, emotion, sociality and empathy

We see a highly connected future, where billions of devices in our daily lives will be connected – forming an Internet of Things (IoT). It is of key importance that we can create technology and design applications that address deeply human ways of living in this IoT-world: addressing body, emotion, sociality and empathy. To achieve this we need:
·       example applications that encourage deeply meaningful, human-centered ways of communicating with ourselves and others, involving our bodies, movements, bio-data, emotions, sociality, empathy in a non-dualistic whole
·       explorations of novel interaction modalities that leverage on the possibilities offered by the shift towards Internet of Things technology, sensors, actuators and connected devices, and capitalize on the massive amount of data that IoT-applications may produce
·       human-centered design methods and tools making it possible to articulate experiences and rapidly design, implement, and evaluate human-centric IoT systems, without requiring the typical lengthy sketch-design-specify-implement cycle, respecting and cultivating deep knowledge of the emerging IoT technology materials
Our focus on a non-dualistic, empowerment perspective has rendered unique, commercially interesting applications in the research forefront.
Kristina Höök
Vygandas Simbelis
Till sidans topp