Information till betygskommitté

Förslag på information och uppgifter som man bör bereda vid kontakt med betygsnämnd och opponent.

 Innan du kontaktar betygskommitten

  • Det är trevligt om betygskommitten håller seminarie innan disputation. Kolla om de är villiga.
  • Det är trevligt, om de kommer dagen innan, att bjuda dem på middag dagen innan.
  • Arrangera en lunch med opponent, betygskommitte, handledare, disputationsordförande
  • Be dem kontakta administratör för att ordna resor och hotell
  • Be dem läsa avhandlingen och meddela om de har några tveksamheter kring arbetet! SÄTT DEADLINE för detta minst två veckor innan disputation.
  • Manus och information om proceduren ska skickas ut minst 6 veckor innan disputation.

Information om procedur vid disputation

Short text to be included in the communication with the opponent etc.

According to our tradition the chairman opens the seminar and presents all players and the procedure.

The opponent presents the thesis according to our tradition, putting it into context and describes how she has read it and what the takeaway message is for about 30-45 minutes. After that the opponent leads a discussion for as long as she wish (usually about 45-minutes to 1 hour). After that the examination committee members may ask any clarifying questions, usually a few questions per member. After that the audience may ask questions.

Immediately following this the examination committee meets to discuss the merits and drawbacks of the thesis. 1 person in the examination committee is appointed chairman. The supervisors and the chairman is normally invited to this meeting. In Sweden there is only two options, to give the thesis the grade pass or fail. Fail is quite uncommon, but it do happen. Usually it is expected that you would notify me as the main supervisor in advance, to avoid a public embarrassment for the PhD student, if you think there is a risk of fail. After this meeting the chairman of the examination committee announces the decision to the respondent and the waiting audience.

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