Lists of publications on profile pages

KTH has developed a tool for displaying list of publications on the researchers’ profile pages. The lists are based on the publications registered in DiVA. To make your list of publications visible on your profile page you must first activate it. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your profile:
  2. Click the button Edit my profile.
  3. Click the edit button for publications.
  4. Check that your list of publications is correct. The list separates different types of publications, and is divided into three sections: Peer reviewed, Non-peer reviewed and Patents.
  5. You can hide specific publications or entire categories of publications by clicking the link Hide or Hide category.
  6. If you would like to add publications or change the contents of the records you log in to DiVA and make the changes there. See below.
  7. When you are happy with your list you click Publish my list of publications. The list will then be displayed on your profile page. You cannot unpublish your list once you have published it, but you can hide specific publications, or entire categories of publications, according to the above. The next time that you edit your list of publications you only have to press the button Save in the editing view to save your changes and make them visible.
  8. By clicking the menu button to the right of the Save button you can access more buttons. See below for a description of how to use these.

Since your publications are imported from the KTH publication database DiVA it is important that all your publications are correctly registered there. If a publication is missing from your list of publications, make sure that it is registered in DiVA  and that your KTH-id is registered correctly. See Important to keep in mind when registering    when registering in DiVA.

Published material will be included in your list of publications grouped by publication type, but manuscripts and not yet published journal articles will be shown under the headline Other.

Any errors in the list should be corrected in DiVA. If you do not have access to the DiVA record, use the button Support to report the changes that you wish to make.

The records are imported automatically from DiVA once every day. This means that when you have registered or updated a record in DiVA this will be not be shown in your list of publications until the next day. However, you can click Update from DiVA if you would like to update your list of publications immediately.

If a publication is missing from your list of publications even though it is registered in DiVA with your KTH-id, use the button Support to report this.