Important to keep in mind when registering

Organisational affiliation

  • Register organisational affiliation, i.e. the correct school, department, centre etc., for every author affiliated to KTH at the time the publication was produced.
  • The organisation registered should correspond with the author’s affiliation at the time when the publication was produced.
  • An author can register several organisational affiliations for one publication, for example both a department and a centre. If a centre is registered it should be supplemented with the department or division where the author is employed.


  • KTH-id should be registered in the field “Local User ID” in DiVA (KTH-id is a unique id that consists of eight characters (for example u1l3g15d) that all KTH employees have and that can be found on the right-hand side of every employees profile page.
  • KTH-id should be registered for all KTH affiliated authors, regardless of whether the publication was produced during a period when the author was affiliated to KTH or not.

Peer review (refereeing)

  • Peer review refers to the review of the complete, published text.
  • The fact that a journal uses peer review does not automatically mean that all publications within the journal should be regarded as peer reviewed.
  • That a publication has been reviewed by subject experts is not, in itself, the same thing as peer review.

Incomplete or incorrect records

If you find incomplete or incorrect records where you are one of the authors, you should log in to DiVA and correct the records (see below). It is only the persons who are registered with their KTH-id, or mentioned as authors, that can edit a record.

To edit a record:

  • Log in to DiVA
  • Choose “Edit / Delete record”.
  • Retrieve the record and edit it.
  • Continue to the last page of the form and save the changes by clicking “Accept”

Upload a full text file

Remember to check the publishers´ conditions. You can do this in the Sherpa/Romeo database . Once you have uploaded a file, it takes a few days before it becomes visible. This is because the library first checks the record.

For help with deleting an incorrect record, editing a record for which you do not have access, or other questions, please contact the support on