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Search and evaluate information

At university, students and researchers must have knowledge on how information is created and distributed, as well as how to find and evaluate scientific material. This is becoming increasingly important as information is created at an ever faster pace, and with varying quality. Here you'll find information on how to evaluate a scientific article, which tools to use and which search services we recommend.

Workshops in information searching

When writing an assignment or thesis, you need to use different types of scientific material. This is so you can give a a background to the topic, but also so you can present the current research situation and substantiate your arguments. To effectively search for information, you need to know how to build a search and use it in the databases. Follow the library's quick guide below and learn how to search and evaluate information.

Search for material in Primo

Primo  is the library's search tool.

Here you can watch a video on how to search to find relevant information. 

A quick guide to searching information