Manomotion is on the move

This is what it may look like using Manomotion software
Published Dec 14, 2017

The start-up company Manomotion – a company that works with real-time analysis of body movements – which stems from KTH research, has just been appointed to present itself and its business ideas at "A-ha!". “A-ha!”, which is organized by CB Insights, will showcase 40 of the leading startup companies in technology.

CB Insights is an analysis company that looks to understand what's happening next. To do this, CB Insight uses software that, inter alia, builds on machine learning that can anticipate future emerging markets, technology companies facing a breakthrough and what competitors will come up with.

With that said, it is obviously very flattering for Manomotion that they have been selected.

"We are of course very proud that Manomotion has been chosen as one of the most innovative and pioneering companies in the world. More than 2,000 startup companies were in competition for a spot and among all of them they chose our company for the A-ha! 2018 Conference in San Francisco" said Daniel Carlman, CEO of the company.

Manomotion has developed advanced software to track the user's hand and finger movements with great precision using a mobile camera. The software then uses this information to create 3D models of hands in real time.

Daniel Carlman tells us that the company is a so-called spinoff based on KTH research, and that Manomotion has been supported by KTH Innovation. KTH researcher Shahrouz Yousefi is currently working as technology manager. Haibo Li, professor at the university, has an advisory role for the company.

"I would like to claim that our solution is world-leading as it can track and recognize many of the 27 degrees of freedom that a human hand has. This by using very little resources in terms of processing power, energy consumption and memory space. Furthermore, Manomotion is the only company in the world to work with mobile-based software for real-time dynamic handanalysis” said Shahrouz Yousefi.

"We see that there is a great interest in our solutions in various commercial projects in Asia, Europe and the USA" said Daniel Carlman.

Among the 40 companies that will present themselves and their innovations at A-ha! there are companies from AI, health and finance. Some of the other companies involved include the Electronic Gaming Federation, Crowdstreet, Bwom and Phrasee Ganaz.

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Peter Ardell (translation by Jenny Dahlerus)

For more information, contact Daniel Carlman at 070 - 605 55 56.

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