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EECS students visit Huawei in China

Published Aug 19, 2019

Earlier this spring, five lucky students from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) were selected to participate in Huawei's two-week program "Seeds for the Future". The program is a cooperation between KTH and Huawei and started last week. It is a great opportunity for students to experience the world's largest economy through the world's largest telecom company.

"This is a fantastic testimony of collaboration between academia and industry and one of extreme importance. The demand for digitalisation in China has motivated companies to invest in areas which we perform research and education within at our school. Two examples are embedded system and computer systems, both of which help enterprises carry out digital transformation. I have been to China several times, and have received the warmest of welcome and so will you", said Markus Hidell, Associate Professor and responsible for internationalisation at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, in a speech to the students before their departure last Friday.

It's the combination of technology and culture exchange that Huawei's global CSR flagship program "Seeds for the Future" focuses on. The program was launched by Huawei in 2008 with the aim to develop local ICT talents, improve knowledge transfer, promote increased understanding and interest in the telecommunications sector, and to enhance and encourage regional construction and participation in digital society. Since the program started the School of EECS has had the opportunity to send 15 students to China.

The five students participating in the program this year are Zainab Al Saaidi, Jonny Sparrenhök, Rebecka Forsberg, Eleonora Borzi och Amar Hodzic. The program involves two weeks of training at Huawei Training School in ICT technology, visits to Huawei's offices in Beijing and Shenzhen as well as discovering Chinese culture and historical landmarks.

"Students have been carefully selected in a fierce competition, and some of you have also been my students which I am very proud of. During this trip, you will witness first-hand the amazing development of digitalisation in China, so take the opportunity to learn and bring this knowledge back in your future studies and careers", said Markus Hidell. 

Students Amar Hodzic and Rebecka Forsberg see the trip as a great opportunity to gain new insights, not only the ICT area in China but to learn more about Chinese culture. 

"After studying at KTH on how the internet is structured, I’ve gotten a fascination for 5G and the various uses which are possible. Huawei is on the forefront in this development and implementation. I also have a great interest in companies and corporate cultures, especially with leading companies. To visit a success story like Huawei, and to have been given this opportunity by KTH, is a chance you only get once in a lifetime”, says Amar Hodzic.

"Technology has always fascinated me, and my interest has only been reinforced since I started at KTH. To visit a world-leading telecom company is a unique opportunity that I am glad to take. Above all, I would like to learn more about Huawei’s WTTx broadband solution and how they work on providing Internet access in developing countries”, says Rebecka Forsberg.


If you have any questions about Seeds for the future, contact the Communication unit at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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