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Visit record for the EECS school during Järva Week

Published Jun 19, 2019

With nearly 53,000 visitors, the politician week in Järva hit a new visitor record, and for the second year in a row the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) was there.

Together with student ambassadors Osman Osman, Nour lhuda Almajni, Nora Al-Naami and Zainab Al-Saadi, the KTH tent awoke to life with. One of the things displayed in the tent was the Master of Science in Engineering student Djiar Salim's project "Into the Light".

"It was fun to represent KTH and promote the school among the younger visitors. They were curious about what we had to show in the tent", he says.

During the day, the tent was filled with young visitors, while families turned up when the weather turned cooler.

Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz

"I want to encourage my children to study engineering when they get older. It is a good profession that leads to good jobs, but we have to work on their math skills", said Kidane while his children built Mentorspace popular bubble nodes on Sunday.

For the second year in a row, Nora Al-Naami worked as a student ambassador at the Järva Political Week and she describes the presence of EECS like this:

"The best thing about our presence at Järva is that people from Järva have the opportunity to meet us, get to know what KTH is and where we are located, what it takes to become an engineer and what efforts we make to encourage to higher education. Most people don't know about our fairs, open house, Pepp  and so on. It is important that both young students and their parents are inspired by our presence and ask questions, not just being referred to a website", she says.

With a campus in Kista, where Europe's largest IT hub is a stone's throw away from Järva, Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz thinks that EECS' presence in Järva is important.

"We cannot afford to miss out on the talents that exist in Järva", she says.

EECS school's presence in Järva

Political week in Järva:  Järva's Political Week  is organized by the non-profit organization Global Village and aims at reducing the distance between people and elected people. Every day a party leader spoke on the big scene, just like in Almedalen, and each day had its own theme. 180 organizations and companies attended the event which took place at the Spånga sports ground.

These students participated at Järva: Beatrice Ionascu ( imagiLabs ), Djiar Salim (studentprojekt Into The Light), Albin Larsson Forsberg (Hacka en robotdammsugare), Basil Mardini, Astrid Lindh, Dagni Garcia, Fatemeh Amiri och professor Mark Smith ( Mentorspace ). 

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Last changed: Jun 19, 2019