How to stay safe online

Published Feb 05, 2018

Today, the 6th of February, the world celebrates Safer Internet Day. We caught up with Sonja Buchegger, associate professor in theoretical computer science, to get her best advice on staying safe in social media.

In a world where we share more and more of our lives online, it is important to keep control of the data we're posting to avoid problems with social media algorithms in the future. Sonja Buchegger, one of our experts on IT security, lists her six best advices to stay safe online:

  1. Install plugins such as u-block and Ghostery
  2. Disable Java Scripts and pop-ups
  3. Use different passwords for different sites and two factor authentication whenever you can
  4. Use different e-mail addresses for different purposes - don't use *the same for your cloud storage and random web page!
  5. Do system or app updates right away to fix security holes, and backup often to protect against ransomware
  6. Go through settings on your devices from time to time to check if permissions are really needed, such as location data

“Remember that anything you post online will most likely be accessible for longer and to more people or machines than you think. Our data is like toothpaste, once out it's hard to get it back into the tube", Buchegger concludes. 


Sonja Buchegger
Sonja Buchegger
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