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Anna Pernestål: Autonomous Vehicles Will Probably Increase Traffic

Foto: Johan Marklund
Published Mar 15, 2019

In an interview with the Swedish magazine Forskning & Framsteg, Anna Pernestål (Director for Integrated transport research lab, ITRL) shared her take on what autonomous vehicles will mean for our society.

– Almost all simulations point to a high risk of increased traffic with the arrival of autonomous vehicles, says Anna Pernestål in an interview about the research being conducted at ITRL.

But she also points out that the data being used to run the simulations is still scarce.

– It is difficult to provide accurate data since autonomous vehicles are not very common yet, she says.

ITRL is managing several research projects related to autonomous vehicles, not only relating to technical aspects of the vehicles themselves. The Autonomous Vehicle Traffic Control Tower is one example, where researchers are testing how to safely and remotely managing autonomous vehicles in situations where drivers need to override algorithms.

Read the interview here  (in Swedish)

Text: Robin Vetter

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