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Nanomagnetism could improve future mobile phones

Anna Delin, Professor at the Department of Applied Physics at KTH, is doing research on quantum mechanical calculations. Photographer: Sofia Nyström
Published Jun 26, 2019

Anna Delin, Professor at the Department of Applied Physics at KTH, is doing research on quantum mechanical calculations on how we through magnetic nanotechnology, or spintronics, may revolutionize how we transmit and store data in future computers, mobile phones and electronics.

In recent years she has started to become interested in magnetic dynamics, ie how magnetism changes as a function of time. Magnetic movements can transmit magnetic information and change the magnetism into a material, and they can also constitute nanomagnetic objects in themselves.
– Examples of a dynamic nanomagnetic object are skyrmions, which are an unusually stable variant of magnetic swirl movement that can exist on certain types of magnetic surfaces and can easily move over the surface and in this way transfer information from one place to another, Anna explains about the research that also contributed to her being awarded Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societetens personal prize.
– It feels great to get positive attention, it generates extra energy for the research, she said.

On the side of the research, Anna holds the role as acting Head of School of Engineering Sciences which is one of KTH's five schools.
– The School of Engineering Sciences is a large and complex organization with many passionate and hard-working employees. In my role as acting head of school, I have the opportunity to contribute to getting education and research to maintain the highest quality according to available resources. It gives me less time to my own research but it is an interesting and amazing challenge, she says.

About nanomagnetism

Nanomagnetism is a field of research in which one studies and tries to understand magnetic phenomena in very small objects whose size typically only measures a few nanometers, ie a few billionth of a meter. Anna Delin's research method is to make quantum mechanical calculations using powerful computers, in order to describe and analyze the quantum mechanical wave function in materials and nanosystems.

Text: Sofia Nyström

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