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While in some Northern European cities bicycle holds an important modal share, too many cities are lagging behind and despite the implementation of numerous soft measures, bicycle levels remain low. The lack of proper infrastructure and the perceived level of risk keep citizens away from bicycles. BICIFICATION aims at supporting a modal shift towards green, active mobility through a reward based gamification scheme, by proposing a

TRL9* solution consisting of patented hardware and software for monitoring and rewarding bike trips reliably.

 In many European countries, despite the fact that several campaigns have been implemented for promoting active mobility, the cycling modal share remains very low. Thus, modal shift in favor of cycling seems to be a tough task. The BICIFICATION project aims to achieve this shift by directly benefitting users through real awards (both monetary and non-monetary) and widely communicating the message "you ride - you earn". Since real awards will be provided, the project will secure real time reliable data using an advanced TRL9* level solution.

During the project, 1,500 users in 3 different cities will be engaged, aiming at increasing to 100,000 and 90 respectively, in the next 5 years.
• Registered users receive monetary rewards by the local authorities as well as non monetary incentives.
• Cities are benefited by valuable and reliable trajectories data.
• A real-time open data platform will be available to the public including the trajectories from the pilot sites, heat maps, case studies, success stories, reports about saved CO2, Kms traveled, local shops more engaged, rewards granted.

Project period: 2021-2022

Participating universities/companies/other organisations: , CERTH, PINBIKE, NEXTOME Srl, Talinn City, City of Istanbul, Braga Municipality

Collaboration: EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Programme

Funding: EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Programme

Team Members: