Gregorius works at one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunication equipment

Gregorius Kristian Purwidi graduated from the master’s programme in Communication Systems in 2017. He now works as a software developer at Ericsson.

Gregorius Kristian Purwidi
Master's programme in Communication Systems

Hi Gregorius, where are you working at the moment?

I’m currently working at Ericsson as a software developer for the Baseband peripheral of Ericsson’s 5G solution.

What is a regular day like at your job?

We work in a team and each team works in a feature-based manner. The daily tasks vary depending on what stage of the feature development we are currently in. During the planning stage, it’s mainly about reading and discussing the feature specification, which sometimes includes 3GPP documents. After the planning stage comes the development stage. It’s mainly a regular coding day for implementing the feature in the software. We start each day with a morning meeting in order to share updates with the rest of the team. After the feature is implemented, the next stage is testing, which involves intense discussions with the testing engineer on how to create a test scenario for testing and keeping the software at the most optimal level of quality.

Why did you choose this programme at KTH?

I’ve been very interested in mobile communication since I started my bachelor’s study. It’s amazing how this technology has evolved so fast in recent decades and I would like to be involved in it more, not just as a user, but also as someone who contributes to its research and development. I therefore chose this programme as I believe it could be a good starting point for reaching my goal.

Is there knowledge you acquired during your studies that has been particularly useful for you in your career?

The courses are very practical with many projects that must be implemented in code. Since everything is software-based these days, it’s good to have some programming experience, even from school.

What were the best aspects of your studies at KTH?

Being in Stockholm, a city surrounded by beautiful nature and colourful seasons, was the best aspect of my studies.

What are your plans for the future?

I will continue working in this field for a few more years while learning something other than telecommunications. In the long term, I want to start my own company.

What would you want to say to a student who was thinking of applying for this programme?

The term “communication system” can be very broad. So don’t forget to look closely at the curriculum to ensure that the courses (and their schedule) are aligned with your interests. This programme offers a large array of courses though, so you will certainly find something that is suited to your interests!

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