Master's programme in Integrated Product Design

In today’s highly competitive and fast-changing global market, engineers need advanced knowledge and highly developed skills in how to create competitive and sustainable products, services and business models. The master's programme in Integrated Product Design focus on processes and methods for product development and innovation in order to create usable, competitive and sustainable products and services.

Application dates for studies starting in Autumn 2019

16 October 2018: Application opens
15 January 2019: Application deadline
1 February 2019: Deadline for supporting academic documents (all applicants) and documentation of fee exempt status (if required) or receipt of application fee (if required)
4 April 2019: Notification of selection results
August 2019: Arrival and start of studies

Information for newly admitted students

Integrated Product Design at KTH

The master's programme in Integrated Product Design offer two specialisation tracks: Industrial Design Engineering, and Innovation Management and Product Development. The programme consists of a mixture of compulsory courses, optional courses and track specific courses, offering students the opportunitiy to select courses that match their individual interests and career goals. During the programme students will have contact with industry and projects are often done in co-operation with a company or organisation providing students with valuable work experience.

In the final term degree project students perform in-depth work on a real problem in line with the specialisation chosen. The degree project is supervised by an experienced researcher and can be performed in an industrial setting or in an academic environment.

This is a two year programme (120 ECTS credits) given in English. Graduates are awarded the degree of Master of Science. The programme is given mainly at KTH Campus in Stockholm by the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (at KTH).

Industrial Design Engineering track

The Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) track concentrates on the functional design and communicative aspects of the product in relation to user and market. You will study and work with product development and service design. You will improve your skills in product development both from a mechanical engineering point of view as well as an industrial design point of view. The activities covered in the design process at IDE are user understanding, ideation, concept screening, visualisation, rapid prototyping, overall systems design, materials, detailed design, manufacturing issues, sustainable development issues etc.

In the development projects throughout the programme track, you will work in close collaboration with commercial businesses and organisations that have identified a business potential in developing a new product or improving an existing product. From an IDE perspective, the development projects must include user interaction as well as technical complexity implying that knowledge in both industrial design and mechanical engineering is required. The resulting technical products should be adapted to user needs and user behavior.

As IDE combines the fields of industrial design and mechanical engineering the teachers at IDE have a background in both or either of the fields. This also requires that the applying students have both industrial design courses and mechanical engineering courses in their bachelor degree.

Topics covered: Industrial Design Engineering track

Product development, user studies, service design, sustainability, engineering design

Innovation Management and Product Development track

The Innovation Management and Product Development track focuses on managing innovation and product development processes. You will study and work with innovation in three ways; you will develop results in terms of new products, services and business models, you will organise and manage innovation processes both from a development project perspective and the perspective of organisational structure and you will work on innovation strategies in terms of new business development. In this program you will approach cutting edge research in the innovation management and product development area and have a firm collaboration with industry.

Elements or projects in courses in the track deals with innovation in a number of perspectives: the innovation process including all activities from understanding user and customer needs, idea creation, product and service development and understanding the business model (value creation activities); the innovation strategy setting the direction for an organisation, project portfolio and business strategies; the innovation results in terms of products, services, business models relating to different levels of newness.

Depending on the degree of newness of the results from an innovation process different demands are put on the managers in an organisation. It entails different ways of organising, leading and performing product development projects. In some development projects where you improve existing products and services you need to be able to be efficient and use methods to enable such outcomes.

In other projects you need to understand how to challenge the organisation to move beyond current knowledge and create something completely new. In this program you will become familiar and well-equipped with the tools on how to systematically organize, lead and manage theses different types of product development projects and the challenges that comes with them; knowledge and skills identified as crucial for organisations survival and prosperity and for being able to meet the grand challenges facing our society.

Topics covered: Innovation Management and Product Development track

Innovation management, R&D management, strategy, organisation, product development and related processes, methods and tools.



The master's programme in Integrated Product Design offers students a comprehensive education and refined expertise applicable in many different industrial and business sectors.

The Industrial Design Engineering track provides the skills necessary to work with product development and design engineering, user-driven design, either as a technical expert, a project manager, or a commissioner of design and other related positions.

The Innovation Management and Product Development track provide opportunities for a variety of jobs in areas related to innovation such as project management, business development and product planning. You also instill competence to work with complex multidisciplinary product development projects, either as a technical expert, project manager, R&D manager, or consultant.

After graduation: Industrial Design Engineering

Product developer, creative engineer, technical or design consultant or user experience designer.

After graduation: Innovation Management and Product Development

Innovation manager, product manager, technical or management consultant.


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