Structure and properties of films made of ultrathin polyolefin layers

Project description:

This project focused on morphology and properties of ultra-thin multilayer polyolefin films, which produced with some advance techniques such as Layer multiplying co-extrusion. These techniques allow the combination of several polymers of very different or similar viscosities and processing temperatures, into films and sheets with up to thousands of layers with individual layer thickness from the micro- to nano-scale. The molecular and chain orientation of the polymer in confined nanometer space can result in unique crystalline morphologies. One of the most applications of microlayers polymers is packaging industries since remarkable strength and good barrier properties could obtain just by using this technique with the same amount of material and the same thickness of film. The aim of this study is to investigate how the mechanical and transport properties were influenced by the number of layers in the film and how the microstructure and morphology of film could be correlated to selected properties.


Nazanin Alipour

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