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Technology Enhanced Learning

The Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) group makes teaching and human learning more effective and efficient since 2009.

Some members of the TEL team
Some members of the TEL team

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) research aims to provide diverse opportunities for the enhancement of all aspects in the teaching-learning process via the integration of technology. In addition to these opportunities, research in TEL is closely related to a social mandate which is becoming eminent in the context of Swedish education nowadays, that is, the digitalisation of education in sustainable and effective ways. This social mandate traverses all sectors and domains.

To this end, the TEL group of KTH is conducting research at the forefront of educational technologies and provides solutions to open problems in the field. To achieve that, the TEL research group extensively collaborates with a diverse range of stakeholders both nationally and internationally, such as academics, companies, tutors and policymakers. The TEL research group is interdisciplinary and spans several departments at KTH, in line with the inherent nature of the field itself. Its researchers have background in domains, such as Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, Engineering, Pedagogy, Sustainability, Language Learning and Design.

In particular, the TEL group has extensive research experience in areas such as:

  • Learning Analytics
  • The interplay of Learning Design and Technology
  • Innovative didactics in CS and school mathematics
  • Faculty Development in TEL
  • Visualisations for TEL-related issues
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Sustainable design
  • Design-Based Research

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