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Olga Viberg

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About me

Olga Viberg has obtained her PhD in Informatics at Örebro University School of Business, Sweden in December 2015. She has been a lecturer at the School of Languages and Media Studies and at the School of Technology and Business Studies at Dalarna University, Sweden between 2008-2016. Currently she is associate professor in Media Technology with specialization in Technology-Enhance Learning at the School of School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH.

Olga’s research includes a focus on the learning analytics in higher education, the application of mobile technology (in language learning) in education, mobile learning analytics, integration of formal and informal learning environments, design for learning, self-regulated learning, computer-assisted collaborative learning as well as digital- and data literacy.

Olga is co-supervising the following PhD students:

1.  Hanna Skarelius (together with Prof. Stefan Hrastinski)

2.   Dena Hussain (together with Prof. Jan Gulliksen)

3.  Reuben Migusha (together with Associate Prof. Olle Bälter and Lecturer Björn Hedin)

Olga has co-supervised the following PhD students:

3.    Annika Agelli Genlott (together with Prof. Åke Grönlund, Örebro University) - finished Dec 2020.

Olga is (has been) supervising the following:

- postdoctoral researchers:

1. Dr. Anna Mavroudi (2018-2019)

2. Dr. Mohamed Sacr (2020-present)

-visiting researchers: 

Sonsoles López-Pernas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Autumn 2020)


Advanced Projectcourse in Interactive Media Technology (DM2799), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in Interactive Media Technology, Second Cycle (DA232X), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Media Technology, First Cycle (DM128X), course responsible | Course web

Degree Project in Technology and Learning, Second Cycle (LT200X), teacher | Course web

Individual Course in Media Technology (DM2905), course responsible | Course web

Information Visualization (DH2321), assistant | Course web

Introduction to Learning Analytics (FDH3006), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Olga Viberg


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