Studies within Information Science and Engineering

The Division of Information Science and Engineering is highly involved in teaching and gives courses and programmes for bachelor-, master- and Ph.D. students. The division also offers master degree projects in digital communications and signal processing.


The division is involved in the following programmes:

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (information in Swedish)
Master programme in Information and Network Engineering  (first admissions 2017)
Master's programme in Wireless Systems  (last admissions 2016)
Ph.D. programme in Electrical Engineering


For bachelor-, master and Ph.D. students

Courses within Information Scinece and Engineering

Master degree projects

If you are interested in performing your master thesis at the Division of Information Science and Engineering, please get in contact with the following teachers and visit the course homepages, EQ274X  (previous signal processing) and EQ276X  (previous Communication Theory).

Available projects

A list of master degree projects available at the moment.

Master thesis coordinator, EQ274X

Master thesis coordinator, EQ276X


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