NSCN - Nordic Sustainable Campus Network

Nordic Sustainable Campus Network was created in 2012 to strengthen the sustainability efforts already in action in the Nordic higher education institutes. Since 2014 NSCN is also part of the Nordic Association of University Administration (NUAS). The merger of NSCN and NUAS offers good opportunities for collaborating with the other sectors of university administration – including facilities, communications, IT and libraries, among many others.

The activities of NSCN are financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Universities' role in the society and their future attractiveness strongly encourages us to take sustainability into the next level. The activities of the network aim at:

  • strengthening sustainability in research and teaching
  • supporting universities' green campus activities by integrating sustainability in all operations

The network offers a platform for communication and activities to the member universities, and is open for all Nordic universities and higher education institutes.

Visit the NSCN website for more information!

Contact person:  Hélène Hermansson-Järvenpää , environmental coordinator at KTH Sustainability Office.

Project 2015-2016: Sustainability Literacy Test in Nordic Higher Education Institutions

The project will launch a global initiative called Sustainability Literacy Test ( www.sustainabilitytest.org ) in the Nordic region. The purpose of the test is to achieve knowledge on the true sustainability competencies of students, including global and local knowledge on economical, ecological and social sustainability. The test includes 50 multiple-choice questions, of which 1/3 are on national/regional level (to be developed during the project). Use of the test will be piloted in partnering universities, results analyzed and compared on national and Nordic level and compiled in a report. The project is performed within the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Project 2014-2015: Rio+20 in the Nordic Higher Education Institutions

The project aimed at inventorying the current level of sustainability in the Nordic Higher Education Institutions, steering mechanisms and key drivers and barriers for the impementation. Results were gathered through a wide online survey and interactive workshops. The project was performed during 2014-2015 with financing from the Nordic Council of Ministers. KTH was one of the partner universities.