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Symbiosis - a Collaboration between NATURE and Färgfabriken

Photo: John Jakobsson
Published Aug 19, 2021

Timos Karpouzoglou, Katarina Larsen and David Nilsson team up in the RJ funded project NATURE. Together with artists from Färgfabriken they have collaborated and developed a theme about water and infrastructure in the upcoming exhibition Symbiosis. The exhibition opens on August 28.

In the project NATURE (Riksbankens Jubilumsfond), an international team of researchers interested in nature, its role in society and the way ecological concerns are creating a new form of discourses about urban infrastructure. They see the connection of nature and society as becoming re-thought, and perhaps more than before, intertwined with the everyday practice of living and imagining our infrastructures.

Symbiosis is an ongoing experiment at Färgfabriken created together with researchers, artists and architects to explore new ways of thinking about our world and the challenges facing humanity. The exhibition includes a program with seminars, workshops and performances, several in collaboration between Färgfabriken and the project's participants and partners.

"In Symbiosis, ideas, experiences and different areas of knowledge meet in an ongoing experiment. Through meetings between research, art, architecture and much Symbiosis aims imagine, test and reflect upon symbiotic thinking." From Symbiosis homepage .

About the process itself and the collaboration, David Nilsson  says:

- In times when we face difficult and complex challenges, we need to test new ways. An artistic process is an exploration that uses methods other than the scientific ones. It creates other freedoms and other claims, but has its own validity.


Press release (in Swedish) on Färgfabriken's homepage

NATURE project page

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Last changed: Aug 19, 2021