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Agnieszka Renman

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Om mig

Agnieszka Renman is PhD in Land and Water Resources Engineering and Docent in Environmental Engineering with specialization Land and Water Engineering at KTH, researcher, teacher and Head of SEED & Water Centre Laboratory. She has a background in agricultural environmental engineering from Warsaw University of Life Sciences, SGGW. Her research involves the use of reactive filter media or sorbents for treatment of polluted water and sediments. She took active part in the development of Polonite® to a sucessful commercial product which is now used by several companies in Sweden selling wastewater treatment facilities (see Portfolio). The current research focus is on the new challenge to develop the new generation of Polonite and other filter media for water and wastewater treatment, and to adapt a number of reactive composites to remove phosphorus released from sediment and from hypolimnetic lake or sea water. A thin-layer capping method based on calcium silicate composites is developed within the project CAPTIVE (coordinator Stockholm University). Moreover a technology is developed for sequestering the benthic phosphorus flux and phosphorus in sediment superficial water followed by density sorting dredging for P recycling in agriculture and forestry.In the concept Vallentuna arena, in cooperation with Teknikmarknad, work is under way to further transform top sediments from eutrophicated lakes to manure in agriculture. Initially, a process of decanter centrifugation is created which sorts different particle fractions, such as heavy metals which have to be removed before application of the sediment at agriculture land. The goal is to create cycles of all sediment components in a circular economy. Research is performed as a Triple Helix (research-enterprises-public), i.e. to demonstrate and motivate pollution abatement and phosphorus recovery of a potential resource among public executive bodies. Moreover,  nutrient removal structures  are technically developed, i.e. structures that can house the filter media, for trapping phosphorus and other nutrients, and further on be recycled to agriculture as fertilizers or soil amendments. Treated water can be stored in sub-surface dams for use during time with water shortage. With roots in agronomy, she closely cooperate with farmers and their organizations.


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