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Maksims Kornevs

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About me

As an Adjunct Lecturer in Data Communication, Modelling and Simulation at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, I specialise in teaching engineers about computer networks, internet technology, modelling and simulation, and medical engineering. In addition to teaching and mentoring, I am also involved in research focused on complexity in healthcare. This research covers a wide range of projects related to mental health, elderly care, sports technology and wellbeing. With a passion for both teaching and research, I strive to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions to the field of data communication and medical engineering.

Research Interests

Partcipatory methods, gaming simulation, modelling and simulation, supply chain management, data mining and AI, computer science, project managment, home care, mental health.



Communication Networks (HE1033), examiner, teacher | Course web

Communication Systems (HI1032), teacher | Course web

Data- and Telecommunication (HE1037), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Medical Engineering, Second Cycle (HL205X), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Technology and Health, Second Cycle (HL207X), teacher, course responsible | Course web

Electrical Principals (HE1027), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Engineering and Information Skills (HF1005), teacher | Course web

Healthcare Logistics-theory (HM102V), teacher | Course web

Mobile Communications and Wireless Networks (HI1035), teacher | Course web

Network Security (HI1023), teacher | Course web

Project Carrier Course for Medical Engineers, part 2 (CM2016), teacher | Course web

Simulation Methods in Medical Engineering (CM2014), assistant, teacher | Course web