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About the CVD group

Welcome to the Conceptual Vehicle Design (CVD) group!

A definition of Conceptual Vehicle Design:

noun| \kən-ˈsep-chə-wəl\ˈvē - ə-kəl\di-ˈzīn\

the study of translating societal needs for transport functionality into a plan for sustainable vehicle solutions

The CVD group is a multidisciplinary research group aimed at enabling resource efficient vehicles in a sustainable society. Our research work focuses on the development of methodologies to holistically address functional conflicts in vehicle design. This includes both developing methods within core competences that can be combined with those from other areas in a multidisciplinary approach, and investigating the broader framework necessary to solve the larger challenges of vehicle design.

Most of our research is conducted in collaboration with industrial partners, and we have extensive experience of successfully undertaking national and European projects. We are a core group within the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design  at KTH.

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