The ITM Operations contract for 2016

When approaching a new year, each of the KTH schools signs a contract with our rector about the next year’s activities. On the educational side our mission is rather stable from year to year in terms of number new students and target numbers for graduations. For 2016 there is one major new activity, namely the … Continue reading “The ITM Operations contract for 2016”

New vice FA

Being FA (director of 3rd cycle studies) and professor means that my schedule is usually quite dense. Last week me and my PhD-student Sedi, organized a small international workshop dedicated to the development of a new generation of thermodynamic data for the elements – clearly an activity that had very little to do with being … Continue reading “New vice FA”

Recruitment of new faculty

We have a challenging time ahead us to recruit faculty to meet the future demands in teaching, research and innovation. How do we compete with other universities to attract the “brains”, “rocket scientists”, “innovators” and “pedagocical wizards”? There are of course many parameters that we need to address to accomplish this. Personally, I think we … Continue reading “Recruitment of new faculty”

Hello there ITM!

There’s a first time for everything it seems, even at my age…. Together with the administrative management, I’m really looking forward to being involved in the ITM blog from now on. We’ve recently been audited by the Swedish National Audit Office as well as the KTH internal audit unit on how we manage contracts related … Continue reading “Hello there ITM!”