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The Swedish personal identity number

Do you know this problem? You want to sign up for different memberships or subscriptions and everywhere you get a different membership number, card or when being online you need to set a separate password for each account 🤯 In my opinion, Sweden has a great solution for this! The personal identity number! 💪

How do I get a personal identity number?

If you’re staying in Sweden for more than 12 months, you’re entitled to apply for a personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Agency, called Skatteverket. As you will have to show your registration at KTH, you can’t apply for the personal identity number in advance to your travels here. However, you should already put it on your to-do list for your arrival, as it takes some time to receive the identity number from Skatteverket.

When I arrived, the Tax Agency had set up a day during the Arrival weeks where they send some employees to KTH and you could simply go there to apply for your personal identity number. The prerequisite is of course, that you need to bring all necessary documents with you – this is also the case when you apply at Skatteverket directly. However, it is not guaranteed yet, whether there will be a similar pop-up tax office this year, so simply keep an eye open if it takes place.

What do I have to bring to apply?

You should bring the following when applying for your personal identity number:

  • Passport or national ID card
  • Documents showing your civil status, e.g., if you’re married
  • Birth certificate, if you have children
  • Letter of admission showing that you’ll study at KTH for at least 12 months
  • Document showing that you’re enrolled in a recognized study programme in Sweden
  • A self-signed assurance that you have sufficient funds for your support for the duration of your studies
  • Document showing that you have comprehensive health insurance valid for residence in Sweden (for EU students: the EHIC card is sufficient)

Should I also get the ID card?

You’ll receive your personal identity number in a letter send to your home or distributed at KTH (only if there is a pop-up tax office!). You can then also request a Swedish ID card that has your personal number and other information about you printed on. It is not necessary to request the ID card, however, I can only recommend it! Especially when picking up packages at the post office, it is super handy as they will need some sort of identification before they can hand out your package 📦 This is also the place, where I use my ID card the most. But of course, it can be handy in other places as well, especially as people recognize this card in comparison to any other national ID you might have.

If you would like to know more about the personal identity number, you can check out the information provided by KTH about it. There, you’ll also find a link to the important pages of the Swedish Tax Agency.

Have a great week!
// Maria

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