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Life of a Thesis Student

The final semester of the master’s programme is dedicated to conducting a master’s degree project (or also commonly referred to as a thesis project) worth 30 ECTS credits. Students choose to pursue the projects either at the university or at a company. I am doing the degree project at Husqvarna Construction on the topic of “Physical-digital product development process”. And it has been a journey of immense learning and fun until now.

Husqvarna Construction

Most of the projects this year is running remotely due to the pandemic. Thus, my working hours are quite flexible. I usually start working at 8:00 in the morning with an extensive list of to-dos for the day and week. During the initial days of the project, time was spend on scouting the relevant literature and research articles to understand the academic standpoint. The project also involved interviewing stakeholders within the company to understand their pain points. Four weeks were dedicated to the interviews I talked to around 26 people within Husqvarna which was an interesting process.

In the later stages of the project, most of my time was dedicated to designing workshops for ideation and brainstorming and running those workshops with the stakeholders at Husqvarna to come up with ideas for the challenges identified. And rest of the time is to summarise everything in the form of a report that would be submitted to the department at the end of the project.

A digital brainstorming workshop

There is an hour of a weekly meeting with the industrial supervisor and KTH supervisor at separate timings. Both of them are super supportive and provide much-needed guidance and encouragement when needed. This is important to have since the degree projects are quite intensive on students sometimes.

The best thing about my thesis project is that I got to visit the Husqvarna construction in Jonsered which is near Gothenberg. The company sponsored the visit and I had the opportunity to experience their way of working and also try out a few of their construction products. Husqvarna’s power cutter was one of the products which I tried out and it slices through granite as cutting butter.

Running the workshop at Husqvarna

As I said, the master’s degree project has been great fun and learning. It has taught me a structured way of working. It has provided me with networks from the industry which might be useful to find a job later on. It also got me to travel and explore Gothenburg.

Let us know in the comments section about what you expect to get out from your degree project and what your dream company is? If you would like to read more about how to find a thesis at KTH, you should read Maria’s blog. And if you would like to read more about how to find a thesis with a company, you can read one of my blogs.

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