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Second-hand furniture hunting

Sweden is all about second-hand shopping. There’s a whole philosophy called 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and it aims at cutting down on the amount of waste we throw away. Reusing things multiple times and selling them when you don’t need them anymore makes much economic and environmental sense. And you can also appreciate it while being a student, as it is obviously always cheaper to buy used stuff than the new one. Many things sold are in a good or almost new condition for a significantly reduced price of the new item (or even for free!). 

When I was talking about my accommodation at Malvinas väg, I mentioned that I wanted to buy a floor mirror for my place, so I started researching. I’ll share with you some resources that I came across, so you’ll be ready for your second-hand furniture hunting.

Finding Mirror, here we go! (Yes, a Finding Nemo reference, because I can).

1. Blocket

Probably one of the most popular options is, a major Swedish website with a great variety of products, where you can buy everything – and I mean everything. What challenged me a bit is that the website is only in Swedish, and I don’t speak any (hopefully yet). So my advice is to use a built-in browser translator, like Google Chrome. Other than that, the interface is pretty simple, and it’s really easy to use. It even has App Store and Google Play apps, so you can also explore it while shopping second-hand offline.

2. Second-hand offline shops

The next place I visited was a couple of second-hand shops, including Myrorna and Stockholms Stadmission. Although the variety differs from one shop to another, the main pro here is that you can actually see how the product looks. Also, the good thing is, if you like something that you cannot transport to your place, you can simply order the delivery. And going to an offline second-hand shop is also more of an experience than just trying to buy stuff. Despite the fact, I didn’t like anything there, I enjoyed the process a lot, feeling as Swedish as it gets 🙂

3. Bjussa 

That week my friends were moving out of their old apartment and moving into an unfurnished one, so they told me about Bjussa. And once again, I was amazed by the variety of stuff people sell here. A couch or a dining table for 5 SEK? Not a problem, just come and get it. My friends were able to furniture their whole apartment over a weekend, and Bjussa was a great help in it. However, I couldn’t find a mirror there, so I continued surfing.

4. Facebook Marketplace

This one was my favourite. Familiar interface, convenient product description translation, and a lot of things to choose from. I wanted an IKEA mirror preferably, so I included it in the search and ended up with a shortlist of 2 mirrors. And the funny thing is, the one I liked the most was actually on the KTH campus, just around 600 meters from me! So I immediately wrote to the girl who was selling it. She was happy to answer all of my questions, so I picked it up that very evening and couldn’t be more excited!

My new mirror perfectly complimented the interior

Now my apartment looks even better; the mirror really added much cosiness and visual space. 

Let me know if you know any other places to find second-hand furniture in the comments below, so I’ll check them out next time 🙂 

// Valerie

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