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Hej allihopa!

Ciao! I’m Lorenzo, the first new blogger you’ll be hearing from! This is my first year at KTH, where I’m studying a master’s programme in Engineering Mechanics.

Picture of Lorenzo in front of a plant on campus.
Just a visibly embarrassed me in front of a beautiful plant on campus

I got my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, a big Italian university located very close to the city where I grew up: Saronno (just pretend that you’ve already heard of it – that would make me really proud). After that, I decided to dive into something more theoretical, and that’s why I chose to come to Stockholm to study Engineering Mechanics, a degree programme entirely focused on the study of Mechanics – the physics branch that describes the motion of fluids (like air) and solids (like food).

Apart from mathematics, my greatest passions are cinema and photography – and wow, Stockholm truly is a top-tier city for both of these! It has different movie festivals throughout the year and it’s full of beautiful spots to shoot with the characteristic Nordic light. I also love trying new sports, where I typically am the guy who makes you think “I’m not that bad after all”. You’re welcome!

Having always lived with my family in a small town, moving to Stockholm was quite a change for me. I quickly went from having a three-course lunch at my grandma’s, to heating up a frozen pizza in a microwave (and wow, this really hurt my Italian soul). But hey, everyone talks about “getting out of the comfort zone” and I guess that that’s (also) how you do it!

However, frozen pizzas aside, I can say that I’m enjoying my new Swedish life very, very much. Sweden is a country that stands on opposites: it’s modern, but full of classical architecture and history; it’s industrialised, and yet incredibly green; it’s cold, and at the same time warm because of the kindness and openness of the Swedes. Simply put, no matter where you come from, Sweden is just different. And I’m really looking forward to unravelling its uniqueness in the next months, while sharing my journey with you all!

// Lorenzo

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  1. Scopro oggi, grazie all’orgoglio di Vittorio, questo fantastico spazio!
    Complimenti Lorenzo!… mi addentrerò piano piano nella vita di un giovane universitario “svedese”

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