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Our toolbox includes metabolic engineering, enzymology, fundamental microbiology, analytical biochemistry, surface modification, and supramolecular chemistry to engineer carbohydrates for multiple applications with impact on materials, health, energy, and the environment.

Biosynthesis, structure and engineering of plant and microbial cell walls

  • Mechanisms of cell wall biosynthesis& remodelling
  • Molecular structure and supramolecular assembly ofplant, fungal, and oomycete cell walls
  • Metabolic engineering of cell walls for bioenergy, materials, and food sustainability.
  • Sustainable strategies forplant/animal protection and biocontrol

Mining terrestrial and marine biomass using green chemistry and biocatalysis

  • Isolation of carbohydrates from plants, fungi, and algaeusing sustainable processes (green solvents and enzymes)
  • Enzyme discovery for biocatalysis, saccharification, and surface modificationof fibres
  • Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of polysaccharides, glycoproteins and natural products

Design of multifunctional carbohydrate-based materials

  • Engineering of wood and wood-based compositesfor structural, environmental, and energy applications
  • Engineering of wood and cereal hemicelluloses for biomedical and food applications
  • Engineering of glycoproteins (mucins)for health and biomedical applications

Research groups