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Lauren McKee

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About me

Check out our new group webpage:! There you'll find details on current group members and projects, regular news updates on the group's activities, and info on how to contact us!


I hold the position of Docent in Biotechnology and Researcher (Forskare) at KTH Division of Glycoscience. I am principal investigator for the Stockholm CAZyme group!

I advised Stockholm's 2018 gold medal-winning iGEM team, who won Best Environment Project and Best Integrated Human Practices. I tweet sometimes about science, academia, and books. I write popular science articles about everything from environmental protection to medical biotechnology. In 2021 I am exploring the possibility of commercialising some of my research with help from a mentor scheme you can read about at this link. And together with my colleague Amparo Jimenez Quero I am taking part in the KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator programme to explore the commercial potential of our concept MycOligo - click here to read a short article about what we're planning!


My research is supported by the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet (VR), the Swedish Research Council for Sustainability Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency Energimyndigheten (EM), and the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre (WWSC). You can read details on all of my group's research funding at this link.

My research relates to many aspects of sustainable development, including food security, environmental protection, natural resource use, and sustainable forestry and agriculture. My major area of interest is enzyme discovery in the context of microbial degradation of complex biopolymers in natural and industrial settings, with implications for the bioenergy, biomaterials, and biocontrol sectors. You can read about all of my group's current research themes at this link.

Check this article for info on a WWSC project I supervised, which was recognised on the IVA Top List for 2021, and is now being commercialised by the startup company Reselo AB, co-founded by my former postdoc Thomas Baumgarten. The publication Tidningen Extrakt recently wrote about my Formas-funded research project on hydrogels.

Key publications:

Polysaccharide degradation by the Bacteroidetes — mechanisms and nomenclature. Environmental Microbiology Reports (2021)

Exploring the potential for fungal antagonism and cell wall attack by Bacillus subtilis natto. Frontiers in Microbiology (2020)

Focussed metabolism of β-glucans by the soil Bacteroidetes Chitinophaga pinensis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2019)

The impact of steroidal glycoalkaloids on the physiology of Phytophthora infestans, the causative agent of potato late blight. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions (2017)

A discrete genetic locus confers xyloglucan metabolism in select human gut Bacteroidetes. Nature (2014)

Introducing endo-xylanase activity into an exo-acting arabinofuranosidase that targets side chains. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2012)

Current group members:

  • Mengshu Hao - post-doctoral scientist, since September 2020.
  • He Li - post-doctoral scientist, since April 2021.
  • Ioanna Sapouna - PhD student, main supervisor since April 2021.
  • Lovisa Brandt - Master's thesis student, spring-summer 2021.
  • Kasane Suzuki - Master's thesis student, autumn 2021. Exchange from Tokyo Tech, Japan.
  • Beatriz Monteiro Coelho - Master's thesis student, autum 2021-spring 2022. Erasmus exchange from

    Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal.


  • Amrutha Seshadri - Master's thesis student, since September 2020.
  • Yi-Hsuan Lee - Master's thesis student, spring 2021. Research intern, summer 2021.
  • Elin Wedin Kvick - research intern, summer 2021.
  • Srijani Saha - research intern, summer 2021.
  • Tom Svesse - Master's thesis student, spring 2021. Co-supervised by Amparo Jimenez Quero.
  • Ossian Ericson - Master's thesis student, spring 2021. Co-supervised by Mengshu Hao.
  • Ellen Tideholm - Master's thesis student, spring 2021.
  • Zijia Lu - research intern, summer 2019. Master's thesis student, September 2019 - February 2021.
  • Hugo Hammar - research intern, summer 2020.
  • Helena Andersson - research intern, summer 2020.
  • Thomas Baumgarten - post-doctoral scholar, October 2018 - August 2020.
  • Rahele Panahabadi - visiting PhD student from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran. October 2019 - July 2020.
  • Carl Rämgård - Master's thesis student, spring 2020.
  • İrem Ergenlioğlu - Master's thesis student, spring 2020.
  • Katharine King - research intern, summer 2019.
  • Anna Schönbichler - master's thesis student, spring 2019. Research intern, summer 2019.
  • Josefin Kask - master's thesis student, spring 2019.

Co-supervised PhD students:

  • Salla Koskela, KTH Glycoscience. Main supervisor Prof Qi Zhou.
  • Stefan Klinter, KTH Glycoscience. Main supervisor Prof Vincent Bulone.
  • Andrea Seveso, Chalmers Industrial Biotechnology. Main supervisor Assoc Prof Johan Larsbrink.
  • Tove Widén, Chalmers Industrial Biotechnology. Main supervisor Assoc Prof Johan Larsbrink.
  • Paul Dahlin, KTH Glycoscience/Stockholm University DEEP. Main supervisor Prof Vincent Bulone. Graduated January 2017.


I teach Master's and Doctoral students about industrial and environmental microbiology and biotechnology, focussing on skills development, sustainability, and systems thinking. Much of my teaching relates to glycoscience - what are the roles of complex carbohydrates in human health, the natural environment, plant pathogenesis, and sustainable fuel/materials production?


Advanced Microbiology and Metagenomics (BB2560), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Biotechnology, First Cycle (BB103X), assistant | Course web

Environmental Bioprocess Technology (CB2100), teacher | Course web

Environmental Toxicology (BB2015), teacher | Course web

Glycobiotechnology (BB2425), teacher | Course web

System Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment (BB2570), teacher | Course web

The Cell Factory (BB2450), teacher | Course web