Osquldas väg renamed Malvinas backe

Published Mar 08, 2018

KTH’s campus at Valhallavägen will receive a new street when Osquldas väg changes its name to Malvinas backe. The reason is that the name Osquldas is perceived as being sexist.

During February, Stockholm’s City Planning granted KTH’s wish to rename Osquldas väg. This means that the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science will have a new address for some of our locales.

"When we asked colleagues and students how they perceived the name we realized that many did not like the name at all and many felt that having Osquldas väg listed as a visiting address was somewhat embarrassing", said Charlotte Holgersson, Associate Professor at the Department of Organization and Management at KTH, to Swedish newspaper Mitti.

The new name will be Malvinas backe, named after KTH’s female student union network.

Belongs to: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Last changed: Mar 08, 2018