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Other research environments

KTH has access to other types of infrastructure, testbeds, and environments, for example, laboratories and specialised technical equipment for testing, demonstrations, and verification of concepts. Many of these facilities are also available for external researchers and companies.

Bioimaging Laboratory

This research infrastructure, located at the SciLifeLab, is well equipped for both live and fixed cell observation and imaging of various non-biological samples.

Bioimaging Laboratory's webpage


Excellence in Production Research (XPreS)

The facility and strategich research area will generate world-leading research in advanced production and contribute to research infrastructure for digital manufacturing and visualization.

XPreS' webpage

Fusion reactor, EXTRAP T2R

The main application of the research infrastructure EXTRAP T2R plasma device is research on magnetic confinement fusion. Research on fusion reactors aims to develop an environmentally acceptable and commercially attractive energy source with an inexhaustible supply of fuel.

EXTRAP T2R's webpage


Greenhouse Labs

This research infrastructure provides a number of modern laboratories with the latest specialist equipment for companies needing state-of-the-art tools for handling chemicals and carrying out risk assessments.

Greenhouse Labs' webpage


Hammarby Sjöstadsverk

This research infrastructure is a platform for development and exchange of knowledge concerning technologies for water and wastewater treatment and related environmental technology. It forms the basis for Sweden Water Innovation Centre – SWIC.

Webpage of Hammarby Sjöstadsverk


Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)

This research infrastructure provides access to various laboratories and platforms, e.g. Automated Vehicle Control Tower, Research Concept Vehicles and Smart Mobility Lab, that can be used for research on various aspects of transport and the transport sector.

ITRL's webpage


Language Bank for Speech (Språkbanken Tal)

This research infrastructure is one of three divisions of the National Language Bank (Text, Tal, Sam). The KTH Språkbanken Tal has a focus on speech technology and speech research.

About Språkbanken Tal


Live-In Lab

This research infrastructure offers full-scale test environment for the homes of the future and includes buildings, installations, living spaces and an administrative organization. The test beds can handle many different potential products and services, individually or as a system.

  Live-In Labs webpage


Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab (PMH)

This research infrastructure is collaboration between KTH and the Fraunhofer and RISE research institutes. PMH carries out validation and improvement of technologies for the manufacture of powertrains for heavy vehicles, potentially resulting in industrial applications.

PMH's webpage


Solar Lab Facility

This research infrastructure offers a high-flux solar simulator, capable of recreating the irradiation conditions that affect the components and design of solar power plants.


 Space Technology Laboratory (STL)

This research infrastructure offers high quality laboratory environments for space technology research at KTH, with state-of-the-art equipment, e.g. thermal vacuum chamber, vacuum tank, climate chamber, and human centrifuge. The latter is available for hire by external research groups and companies.

  STL's webpage


Structrural Biotechnology Lab

The laboratory, which is a shared facility with Karolinska Institutet, provides equipment for high resolution electron microscopy of biological preparations, lab facilities, transmission electron microscopes with cryo options as well as soft-and hardware for image processing.

Swedish Aerospace and Physiology Centre (SAPC)

SAPC conduct and support research that can improve medical safety during manned space flights. The centrifuge and pressure chambers are vital for experiments performed on humans.

SAPC's webpage