• Global competition for sustainable fashion

    The aim of the Global Change Award competition is to highlight pioneering ideas for a more circular fashion industry. (Photo: Global Change Award)
    Published Mar 27, 2017

    How can the fashion industry become more sustainable? The Global Change Award competition – in which KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a partner – ...

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  • Silk from milk? New method binds proteins into threads

    A depiction of the artificial silk strands created by researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and DESY. (Photo: DESY/Eberhard Reimann)
    Published Feb 08, 2017

    By all appearances, cows have little in common with spiders. Yet despite the two species’ obvious differences, new research shows that ordinary milk c...

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  • Innovation hub for global development launched

    Jesper Vasell, project leader for Global Development Hub, speaks at the even to kickoff the newly-launched training and collaboration model. (Photo: Camilla Cherry)
    Published Jan 26, 2017

    Now the ball is rolling for KTH's investment in a training and collaboration model that aims at finding innovative solutions to global challenges.

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  • With new tool, cities can plan electric bus routes, and calculate the benefits

    A wireless-charging electric bus in the greater Stockholm area city of Södertälje.
    Published Jan 09, 2017

    The rollout of Sweden’s first wireless charging buses earlier this month was coupled with something the rest of the world could use – namely, a tool f...

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  • New research shows one way LED efficiency is far from optimal

    LED efficiency is impeded by trace amounts of iron, a byproduct of production of the semiconductor structures in light emitting diodes.
    Published Nov 25, 2016

    Even though LED lights are among the most energy efficient available, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Researchers recently found that li...

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  • Technique could lower cost of making bioplastics and biofuel

    Packaging is one area where biomass could replace oil as a resource, as a result of improvements in cellulose processing such as that published in Scientific Reports by a KTH researcher.
    Published Oct 19, 2016

    The potential for at least partly replacing oil with cellulose as a renewable source of energy and materials has just improved.

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  • Researchers find cheaper way to produce hydrogen from water

    Published Jun 27, 2016

    KTH researchers have opened a route to large-scale hydrogen production by discovering a better way to split water without relying on precious metals.

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  • Bee McBeeface, Beeyoncé are web poll choices to name bees

    Published Jun 13, 2016

    KTH asked the Internet to name the queens of the campus' two new honey bee hives, and the results were perhaps not so surprising. In a web poll held l...

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  • Sexism extends to robots

    A robot to be used for modeling in Japan. (Photo: Koji Sasahara)
    Published May 24, 2016

    What gender are the robots that are taking over more and more of our chores? Does it matter whether we call them, "he" or "she"?

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  • Tests show how trucks can reuse engine heat for power

    Published May 20, 2016

    A 195-year-old discovery is behind a new system that will save vehicles hundreds of litres of fuel and reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 2 t...

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  • Underwater kites could be next wave in clean energy

    Published Jan 14, 2016

    Moored to the ocean floor, they glide in the slow-moving currents to reap energy. A KTH researcher involved in Europe's biggest "underwater kite" proj...

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  • Farming the sea for food, and more

    You could fill up a dinner table with products from seaweed. The fact is, we already consume a lot of it.
    Published Dec 21, 2015

    Imagine being able to enjoy a Christmas dinner and, at the same time, make a difference for the environment. Today you can buy caviar and crisp bread ...

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  • Changing meat "norms" will require political decisions

    Meat taxes are one way KTH researcher Annika Carlsson Kanyama suggests to reduce consumption. (Photo: Issei Kato/TT)
    Published Dec 16, 2015
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  • Insects creeping closer to western dinner tables

    Christmas crickets could be standard fare in the future. (Illustration: Ida Björs)
    Published Dec 16, 2015

    "Please pass the ... crickets." Some Christmas dinner in the not-too-distant future, you just might be asking for someone to pass you a steaming platt...

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  • An array of research takes aim at climate change

    There's no silver bullet to stop global warming. Getting climate change under control will require an array of energy systems and solutions. As COP21 wraps up, we take a look at some of the most interesting recent research at KTH that addresses global warming.
    Published Dec 10, 2015

    There's no silver bullet to stop global warming. Getting climate change under control will require an array of energy systems and solutions. As COP21 ...

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  • Research needed to realise UN development goals

    For the first time, more is invested in renewable energy than in fossil fuels, which is important for creating a sustainable future. (Photo: Patrik Pleul)
    Published Dec 07, 2015

    Climate change is linked to at least six of the UN's 17 goals for sustainable development. Making these goals a reality requires commitment at all lev...

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  • A closer look at how climate policy gets derailed

    Published Dec 02, 2015

    On the long and winding road toward climate policy action, scientific evidence is often the first casualty. A KTH study reveals how the political proc...

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  • Algae entrepreneur from KTH named Wired fellow

    Researcher and entrepreneur Fredrika Gullfot at the Simris production facility in Österlen, Sweden. (Foto: Daniel Nilsson)
    Published Aug 28, 2015

    Can a seaweed farmer change the world? Wired magazine seems to think so. It named algae entrepreneur Fredrika Gullfot —a former KTH researcher — one o...

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  • Campus plans earn international sustainability award

    The plan for a vibrant campus includes more student housing: up to 700 by 2017. (Illustration: White arkitekter AB))
    Published Jun 26, 2015

    KTH has won the International Sustainable Campus Excellence Award for its campus plans. The plans outline the direction in which the campus will be de...

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  • Emissions remain high, despite reductions

    Business air travel has to be reduced further if KTH is going to reach its long-term environmental goals, says Göran Finnveden. (Photo: TT)
    Published Jun 12, 2015

    Internal carbon taxes and a discussion concerning those researchers and teachers who really need to travel; these are just a few of the proposals for ...

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