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  • Researchers can help cut down global data center power consumption

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Credit: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Published Oct 17, 2022

    Researchers have discovered a way to reduce power consumption in data centres significantly. They offload computation by converting particular types of commodity Network Interface Cards into processor...

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  • COP27 hub on Campus

    Published Oct 14, 2022

    During the UN's annual climate conference COP27 on November 8–17, KTH Climate Action Centre hosts a hub in Stockholm together with the organisation We Don't Have Time. A series of seminars and activit...

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  • KTH Great Prize 2022 goes to innovator behind solar powered water purifier

    Petra Wadström portrait outdoors in sunshine
    Petra Wadström, designer, artist and the innovator behind Solvatten receives the KTH Great Prize 2022. Today the technology is used in more than 20 countries, improving the lives of more than half a million people.
    Published Oct 13, 2022

    The Solvatten innovation is saving lives in refugee camps, war zones and other places where a lack of clean water has reached crisis proportions. Solvatten provides a container that users fill with c...

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  • Six tons of batteries in experimental student residence

    Truck with batteries
    Unloading the batteries outside KTH Live-In Lab. Photo: Einar Mattsson
    Published Oct 12, 2022

    A large group of batteries has been installed for a research project in KTH Live-In Lab, an experimental student residence where KTH, Northvolt and Einar Mattsson conduct research together. They’re te...

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  • The first KTH Transport Stories film released

    Screenshot from the first film with one of the researchers Karl Garme.
    Published Oct 11, 2022

    Today, the KTH Transport Platform releases the first of four short films called KTH Transport Stories. Transport Platform Director Magnus Burman interviews Nicole Kringos, former platform deputy direc...

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  • Inventory identifies new area of strength for Stockholm region's automotive industry

    Photo: Fordonsdalen
    Published Oct 11, 2022

    In August 2022, Fordonsdalen Stockholm organised its second high-level meeting with Regional Chair Gustav Hemming (c) as chairman. During the meeting, it was discussed, among other things, that the in...

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  • Associate professors from INDEK with new publication in the Review of Financial Studies

    Published Oct 04, 2022
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  • Awarded doctoral student studies biofuels from inedible crops

    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has been awarded for his abs
    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has been awarded for his abstract and presentation. Photo: Jon Lindhe.
    Published Oct 04, 2022

    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has received the 2022 ESBES award for the combination of best abstract and presentation. “It was a big surprise and I feel hono...

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  • Autonomous transport systems can benefit both society and the climate

    The speakers during a workshop session.
    Speakers from Scania, Ericsson, Einride, Univrses, and PostNord during the workshop. Photo: Screenshot.
    Published Oct 03, 2022

    20 September 2022 saw the network event entitled "Autonomous transportation – Challenge in digitalisation and solution to sustainability?" at KTH Campus. Attended by researchers and representatives of...

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  • New Report: Digital Reset. Redirecting Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation.

    Report launch cover
    Published Sep 29, 2022

    New report provides a comprehensive analysis of opportunities, risks and governance options regarding digitalisation and sustainability.

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  • KTH provides Valencia with sustainable energy plan

    Group photo of the participants
    Published Sep 29, 2022

    Bio waste that generates biogas for public transport was one of the suggestions from the winning team that charmed the jury when master students from EGI competed about best proposal for a sustainable...

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  • Algae waste to become food and cosmetics in circular EU project

    Smiling woman outside.
    Amparo Jimenez Quero, researcher at the Division of Glycoscience at KTH.
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Each year, large amounts of macro and microalgae are produced over the world, but the waste from the production is discarded and not made use of. A new EU project coordinated by KTH aims at finding wa...

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  • A “power bank” for renewables

    Foto: Kyoto Group - Heatcube
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine a factory with a giant "power bank" charged with renewable energy when the availability is good and electricity prices low. To be discharged as heat when sun and wind are scarce and prices hig...

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  • The film festival Crosscuts – another way to communicate research

    Illustrations from Jörg Bachmanns Instagram account happypocketknife
    Illustrations by happypocketknife Images: Jörg Bachmann
    Published Sep 27, 2022

    Artists, researchers and activists come together with a wide audience to share a diverse film repertoire within the field of environmental humanities at the annual Crosscuts Film Festival.

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  • New research projects and a new house for KTH Climate Action Centre

    Researchers in front of building
    Part of KTH Climate Action Centre's multidisciplinary faculty in front of the new house.
    Published Sep 15, 2022

    On September 14, all faculty affiliated to KTH Climate Action Centre was gathering for the first time for a workshop and mingle. At the same time, the centre’s new venue at Teknikringen 43 was inaugur...

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  • Chemical engineering works with society's challenges

    Smiling woman.
    Carina Lagergren, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering.
    Published Sep 15, 2022

    The research at the Department of Chemical Engineering spans the fields of energy, environment and chemical engineering towards new processes – work that has recently received increased relevance and ...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published Sep 14, 2022

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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  • Loop of energy can save costs in industry

    3D printed heat exchanger
    The 3D printed heat exchanger prototype
    Published Sep 08, 2022

    KTH researchers from different disciplines join forces to create a sustainable loop from electricity to waste heat, and back to electricity. This saves operating costs for energy-intensive industries ...

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  • Popular new science anthology on energy set to become knowledge platform 

    Parts of the energy anthology editorial team. Photo: VA
    Published Sep 05, 2022

    When researchers from KTH got together with independent Swedish non-profit membership organisation VA (Public & Science), the result was a popular science book about energy that has received a lot of ...

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  • Knowledge platform from KTH researchers provide solutions for Europe's energy challenges

    Published Sep 05, 2022

    At last! A new semester is underway and we can meet to share experiences, knowledge and find new collaborations. KTH Energy Platform will be involved in several major events during the autumn.

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