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  • Building a bridge for knowledge exchange between KTH researchers and Swedish parliamentarians

    The board of Rifo made an appreciated study visit to KTH in May. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published May 25, 2022

    When KTH invited the board of Rifo, the Swedish Society of Parliamentarians and Researchers, on a study visit in May, the event was very well received. Members of the Swedish parliament were given an ...

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  • Digital workshop opens new pathways to collaboration with Kyushu University

    Published May 25, 2022

    In April, KTH Energy Platform, together with KTH Climate Action Centre, organised a digital workshop focusing on energy issues. More than 100 energy researchers from KTH and Kyushu University particip...

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  • Good results in environmental audit

    Published May 24, 2022

    On April 6-7, the annual external audit of KTH's certified environmental management system was carried out. The purpose was to ensure that the management system is appropriate to meet KTH's sustainabi...

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  • The model ambassador who counts on ecosystem services

    Street view with trees
    Urban trees deliver ecosystem services, e.g. by regulating temperature. Photo: Johan C Thorburn, KTH
    Published May 24, 2022

    By including relevant aspects of sustainability and having a longer time perspective it is possible to get a better view of systems and how they can be used sustainably. This insight is one of the fou...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH

    Published May 18, 2022

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre mobilises forces

    Sunlight through green forest
    “At this point, we know which paths lead to a safer climate. We have most of the technologies we need to achieve the climate goals. Now we need to create a series of infrastructural and societal changes in order to reach the finish line. That is the goal of our research at KTH’s Climate Action Centre,” says Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of the centre. (Photo: Mostphotos)
    Published May 11, 2022

    Global environmental action is headed in the right direction, but it’s progressing too slowly, states Francesco Fuso Nerini, Director of KTH Climate Action Centre. “We need a swift and radical reduct...

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  • He paves the way for sustainable transport with a combination of data sources

    trafficked city street
    Photo: Vlad Fonsark,
    Published May 11, 2022

    Imagine an app that could plan your trip, combining different modes of sustainable transport, and guide you in real time to arrive at a specific time while maximizing shade from tree canopies along th...

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  • KTH partners with the World Bank in supporting energy access and climate action planning

    Global Electrification Platform, sample results for Ethiopia
    Global Electrification Platform, sample results for Ethiopia.
    Published May 06, 2022

    A new collaboration between KTH Climate Action Centre, the KTH division of Energy Systems and the World Bank will support countries working with the World Bank to align electrification targets with th...

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  • Sustainable development requires cooperation

    Portrait of Anders Karlsson.
    Anders Karlsson wants to see closer cooperation between Asia and the Western world in matters concerning sustainable development. He is project manager of the science publisher Elsevier and is participating in a panel at the science conference, THE Innovation and Impact Summit. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published Apr 28, 2022

    That academia, business, authorities and industry representatives do things together is the way forward to drive sustainable development. This is the opinion of Anders Karlsson, Vice President, leadi...

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  • Survey ranks KTH 42nd in world for sustainability impact

    Entrance to KTH Stockholm Campus
    KTH continues to rank high in impact on sustainability. (Photo: Petter Karlberg)
    Published Apr 28, 2022

    In a global survey of 1,406 universities, KTH was ranked 42nd for its impact in addressing urgent global challenges such as global warming, urbanization and innovation. Published yesterday by Times Hi...

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  • Research is irrelevant if we can't communicate it

    Published Apr 26, 2022

    In November 2021, the KTH Energy Platform organized a poster competition during the KTH Energy Dialogue. Finally, I had the opportunity to share my research at a live event. Summarizing my research co...

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  • Collaboration to visualize air quality in Stockholm

    A dull and grey street in Stockholm
    Visualising airborne pollutants is important in helping people understand how serious an issue this is. Photo: Mike Kienle
    Published Apr 21, 2022

    Cities suffer from air pollution, and Stockholm is no exception. Researchers at KTH are working to develop technology to show where in the city the air is the worst to breathe, so that pedestrians and...

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  • His thesis sheds light on organizational challenges

    Profilbild av Olli Vigren utanför KTH:s entre.
    Olli Vigren. Foto: Privat
    Published Apr 20, 2022

    Olli Vigren is a doctoral student at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. He researches how the industry can solve organizational and managerial problems related to digitalisatio...

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  • New glasses can pave way for new battery standard

    Illustration of an all-solid-state Li-ion battery with a glass as solid electrolyte.
    Published Apr 19, 2022

    A new type of Na-based glasses may unlock the potential for a new battery standard that can contribute to the transition to a sustainable and affordable energy system.

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  • Olga Kordas is among this year's most powerful in sustainability

    Published Apr 13, 2022

    The year's most powerful in sustainability has been named. This year, the jury has selected 101 people who all make significant contributions to make Sweden more sustainable. One of these is Associate...

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  • Fashion, technology and sustainability fit like a glove

    Group photo of the models at the fashion show on Sustsainable Fashion Day.
    The models at the fashion show on Sustsainable Fashion Day. Back row from left: Saga Berneryd Therese Viksten, Michelle Bill, Romina Thomaj, Brenda Coutinho, Lucas Dahlgren, Ebba Flykt and Ellen Olsson. In front of them: Carlos Seger and Katarina Lindmark. All are students at KTH except Therese Viksten, who is a lawyer at KTH Innovation. Photo: Fredrik Persson.
    Published Apr 08, 2022

    A fashion show with garments made from grape skins or recycled jeans. Fashion Tech Expo where various innovation companies in sustainable fashion showed off their solutions. A panel discussion of wher...

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  • Students advise city on its plans to reverse neighborhoods’ isolation

    four women sitting at work table with tablet showing planning document
    “What they delivered was creative and bold thinking, and they presented it in a very clear, pedagogical way," says Eskilstuna planning project manager Robert Gremalm. Left to right, Moa Holmqvist, Helin Celep, Shuming Rao and Moa Ribjer. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Apr 05, 2022

    Social and physical segregation are two of the problems one Swedish city hopes to reverse with a little help from students at KTH.

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  • The stock market makes a contribution to climate action

    Organisations in the Re:turn initiative 2022
    The diploma session was an opportunity for the three organisations to meet each other and the responsible for the initiative at Nordnet. Foto: ITM.
    Published Apr 04, 2022

    KTH Climate Action Centre, The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation and The Baltic Salmon Foundation have each received a third of a donation from the digital bank Nordnet and its customers. On April 1, it was...

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  • New IPCC report 4 April: Industry and its transition are important for the climate

    Published Apr 04, 2022

    On 4 April 2022, IPCC published a new report on the climate. It is the sixth in a row since 1990 and the latest since 2014. Unfortunately, this is not good news. We risk moving towards global warming ...

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  • We know what we should be doing to solve the climate crisis, why are we not doing it?

    Figure: Synergies and trade-offs between climate action and the SDGs Targets. (Source: Fuso Nerini et al, Connecting climate action with other Sustainable Development Goals, Nature Sustainability 2019)
    Published Apr 04, 2022

    Today, April 4, IPCC Working Group III has released its long-awaited Sixth Assessment Report. The report urges for system-level climate action and focuses on the transformative changes needed to achie...

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