• New device could improve biomarker analyses

    Visualization from a numerical simulation of a cell flowing past the obstacle through the microfluidic device.
    Published Jun 24, 2014

    KTH researchers have proposed an advance in cell sorting technology that could lead to lower costs, increased accuracy and quicker analysis of biomark...

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  • Here comes the Sun

    Published Jun 19, 2014

    Saturday, June 21 is the summer solstice – when the hours of sunlight in the northern hemisphere are at their longest. Here’s a look back at some stor...

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  • Taking stock of Obama's climate plan

    Obama's Climate Action Plan targets coal burning energy generation, for one. (Photo: Compuinfoto)
    Published Jun 17, 2014

    US President Barack Obama’s recently-unveiled Climate Action Plan has provoked strong reactions in America; though it’s generally agreed the changes w...

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  • KTH and World Cup city focus on urban planning

    Arena da Baixada in Curitiba holds 40,000 spectators and is one of Brazil's most modern arenas. (Photo: Gustavo Paolo)
    Published Jun 12, 2014

    Curitiba is one of the twelve cities in Brazil where World Cup matches will be played, and it has one of the modern arenas in the country. The city al...

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  • Searching for the perfect steel

    Published Jun 10, 2014

    A new theory may unlock the secret to a creating a perfect, ultralight steel, paving the way for more energy efficient vehicles and aircraft.

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  • Stronger-than-steel fibre spun from wood

    Published Jun 09, 2014

    Whether they need to be strong as steel, or as soft as cotton, products of the future could be sourced from the forest, using new techniques developed...

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  • Air current tracking may make flights greener

    Philipp Schlatter, left, and Luca Brandt aim to create the first-ever full simulation of turbulent air currents on an entire aircraft wing. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published May 15, 2014

    Researchers into Fluid Mechanics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology are notching up further successes and have recently received a number of prestig...

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  • Urban waterways could reduce congestion

    Published May 12, 2014

    For many cities, a solution for urban congestion might lie in one of the most ancient modes of transportation available – the boat.

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  • Innovative student aid program taps grassroots support

    Published Mar 26, 2014

    Crowdfunding isn't just for bands and filmmakers anymore. A new student-run organisation in Sweden is supporting 21 Tanzanian university students whil...

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  • Researcher says consumption contradicts sustainability

    Our consumption is the crucial question for a sustainable society, according to the Environmental researcher Karin Bradley (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Mar 03, 2014

    To be an environmental researcher also entails a responsibility to enter the debate on social priorities. This is the opinion of Bradley who undertake...

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  • Study illuminates how humans digest fibre

    Humans owe their ability to digest fibre to a newly-discovered sequence of genes in a species of gut microbiota called Bacteroides ovatus, pictured here. (Photo: Dr. Eric Martens, University of Michigan)
    Published Jan 30, 2014

    New insight into how gut bacteria digest fibre could lead to advances in areas as diverse as health and environmentally-friendly biofuels.

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  • The social impact tracker

    Published Jan 13, 2014

    In her PhD thesis, Elisabeth Ekener Petersen shows that social life cycle assessment is a useful tool to reveal poor working conditions and other nega...

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  • Empowering people on social networks

    Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Assistant Professor in Communications Networks at KTH, is coordinator for the iSocial project. (Photo: Marie Androv Broms)
    Published Jan 07, 2014

    Social networks have changed the world. Now they need to be changed. A KTH researcher is part of an international project to improve privacy on the we...

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  • KTH researchers predict an exciting 2014

    Published Dec 30, 2013

    New year, new scientific discoveries. The overarching goal of KTH's development plan is to create a brighter future. But how do researchers make this ...

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  • Algae that could replace fish and crude oil

    Published Dec 12, 2013

    Across thousands of square metres in Skåne, Fredrika Gullfot plans to cultivate microalgae which she says can solve the problem of overfished seas.

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  • KTH's role in Brazil grows

    Published Nov 21, 2013

    The exchange between Sweden and Brazil continues to grow. Most recently, the city of Curitiba and KTH agreed to deepen their cooperation in sustainabl...

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  • Environmental investment is good business

    Published Nov 20, 2013

    A strengthened brand, proud employees and money saved. To invest in the environment and sustainability is profitable for companies. But more reliable ...

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  • Robyn ready for the future

    Published Nov 14, 2013

    Hi Robyn. You have been awarded the KTH Great Prize. How do you feel about the pomp at Stadshuset where you will receive the award? “It will be fun...

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  • Waste could help fuel low carbon energy and transport

    Published Nov 11, 2013

    In a time when society – and nature itself – are threatened by climate change, it seems fair to ask: Does recycling still matter? Two KTH researchers ...

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  • Project plants seeds for widespread urban farming

    Published Oct 28, 2013

    City dwellers may one day soon harvest vegetables and catch fish without leaving their kitchens, using equipment under development at KTH Royal Instit...

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