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  • KTH and Hitachi ABB Power Grids join forces in energy transition

    A gruop of people standing in the stairs.
    In a strategic partnership. From the left Sigbritt Karlsson, Mikael Östling and Johan Blaus KTH and Jenny Larsson, Filip Elveling and Thomas Krysén från Hitachi ABB Power Grids.
    Published Apr 22, 2021

    The development of safe, secure and green electrical power will be crucial in the transition to a more sustainable society. KTH and Hitachi ABB Power Grids are now entering into a strategic partnershi...

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  • KTH among world top 50 in sustainability impact, seventh in EU

    KTH campus at night.
    Goals in which KTH ranked among the top 20 worldwide were Partnerships for the Goals (seventh), Climate Action (seventh), and Sustainable Cities (20th).
    Published Apr 21, 2021

    Times Higher Education announced its Impact Rankings today, naming KTH Royal Institute of Technology 41st among the 1,001 institutions evaluated.

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  • Water purification system engineered from wood, with help from a microwave oven

    Two pellets, one translucent and golden, the other opaque and dark blue.
    Before and after. An all-lignocellulose hydrogel before (left) and after it has adsorbed methylene blue from an aqueous solution. Photo: Giuseppe Melilli
    Published Apr 15, 2021

    Researchers at KTH have developed a more eco-friendly way to remove heavy metals, dyes and other pollutants from water. The answer lies in filtering wastewater with a gel material taken from plant cel...

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  • New Vice President for Sustainable Development

    Portrait of Per Lundqvist in front av a lawn.
    Per Lundqvist, is new Vice President for Sustainable Development.
    Published Mar 29, 2021

    Per Lundqvist, Professor in Energy Technology, will be KTH Vice President for Sustainable Development from the first of April.

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  • Students to work with industry in transition to circular economy

    A man in an industry pulls a cart filled with textiles.
    Recycling is part of the circular economy. In an industry in Avesta, attempts are being made to sort textiles into different material groups with new technology. (Photo: Andrea Brask/DN/TT)
    Published Mar 26, 2021

    The Nordic Countries are keen to increase the rate at which industry can transform into a circular economy. Students at KTH and from our neighbouring countries are going to contribute to this with exp...

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  • Sensors on buses measure city air quality

    Red bus in city traffic
    Last autumn, sensors were fitted to buses in Stockholm to take readings and collect information on the air quality. “The aim is to collect large volumes of data in real time, in order to be able to better understand how the air quality changes in different urban environments in different parts of the city during the course of the day, for instance,” says Sara Borgström. Photo: Unsplash
    Published Mar 15, 2021

    By installing sensors on moving vehicles researchers can measure the air quality at street level in real time in a totally new way. “Air borne pollutants, humidity, heat and noise all affect the well...

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  • New innovation award celebrates entrepreneurs who have taken on big challenges

    Portrait pictures of Daniel Ek and Mathias Uhlén.
    Daniel Ek is one of Sweden’s most influential entrepreneurs. Mathias Uhlén has successfully worked with industrial applications of his research. Photo: Spotify/ Alessandro Bellini.
    Published Feb 15, 2021

    Creativity, grit and courage are at the center of a new innovation award that KTH Royal Institute of Technology is launching today. The aim of the award is to celebrate people from KTH who, with their...

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  • Crowdfunded women better at reaching funding goals

     Keyboard, mobile screen and a pair of hands.
    . In crowdfunding, as opposed to business angels, venture capital funds, and banks, the gender balance is more equal among the backers on Kickstarter. (Photo: Unsplash)
    Published Feb 12, 2021

    Backed up by women, female entrepreneurs at crowdfunding platforms reach their funding goals more often than men. Hadar Gafni at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management has mapped the ge...

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  • “Water is a matter of life or death for humanity”

    water in glass
    Published Feb 02, 2021

    Saving water, tracing Covid-19, growing food in the sea and tracking down leaks in water pipes. These are a few of the WaterCentre@KTH projects aimed at securing future access to water for society. “...

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  • Brush that loosens cells in cysts could become weapon against pancreatic cancer

    The model is a transparent orb and the loop brush is visible inside.
    A model of a cyst that was used to test the wire brush. Photo: courtesy of Filipe Marques
    Published Jan 27, 2021

    In a potential step forward for early pancreatic cancer diagnosis, a miniaturised brush was successfully tested as a possible technique for loosening cells from the walls of pancreatic cysts. If prove...

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  • Wave energy benefits from the mistakes of wind power

    Buoy on the high seas.
    Researchers and companies hope and believe in the possibilities of extracting electricity from the kinetic energy of waves in seas and lakes. (Photo: Cor-Power)
    Published Jan 27, 2021

    Is wave energy the new star of renewables? The potential is great and a research team at KTH works towards a faster development for harvesting the powers of the seas.

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  • Investment in sustainable financial markets led by KTH

    A person checking the stock market prices at Nasdaq Stockholm.
    Nasdaq Stockholm, Stockholm Stock Exchange. Photo: Thomas Karlsson / DN / TT
    Published Jan 26, 2021

    The Sustainable Finance Lab consortium has been awarded financing of 47 million Swedish crowns (€4.7 million) over five years from Vinnova, with the option of a further five-year extension. Led by KTH...

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  • Optical 3D microscopy can enable more effective diagnosis of kidney diseases

    Filtration structure in kidney through 3D microscopy
    The image shows a capillary in the kidney with the podocyte cells in green, and the filtration structure podocyte foot processes in purple. The podocyte foot processes play an important role in the kidney’s ability to filter blood and make urine. As the dimensions of the structures are tiny (200-500 nanometres), it was previously only possible to image them with an electron microscope, but with the KTH researchers’ new protocol, the structures can be imaged in an easier way.
    Published Jan 18, 2021

    A new method developed by KTH researchers for advanced 3D sample preparation and 3D microscopy can make diagnosing kidney diseases more effective. “A single tissue sample provides high resolution ima...

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  • Dora inspires girls to learn to code

    Profile picture of Dora Palfi.
    Dora Palfi is CEO of start-up Imagilabs that wants more girls to become interested in coding.
    Published Jan 14, 2021

    Four years ago, Dora Palfi was reunited with her Romanian friend Beatrice Ionascu at KTH, whom she had got to know when they were both undergraduates in Abu Dhabi. That became the launch pad for their...

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  • Urinary tract infection self-test more accurate with digital bacterial culturing

    a close-up view of the test strip
    A close-up look at the digital bioassay test strip developed at KTH. (Photo: Emre Iseri)
    Published Dec 14, 2020

    Soon you will be able to perform a bacterial culture at home to test for urinary tract infection (UTI), with clinical-level results.

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  • X-ray technology from KTH goes global

    Two researchers, Mats Danielsson and Moa Yveborg, look in through a computer tomograph.
    Mats Danielsson, Professor and CEO of Prismatic, and Moa Yveborg, Project Manager and who defended her thesis within the Physics of Medical Imaging at KTH, are members of the research group that has developed an advanced detector for computed tomography. (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Dec 10, 2020

    World-leading X-ray technology from KTH as the global standard within healthcare. This is the likely result of GE Healthcare acquiring Physics Professor Mats Danielsson’s company that has developed th...

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  • Study identifies new potential covid treatments

    A portable COVID-19 testing site in Uppsala, Sweden. (Photo: David Callahan)
    A new study identified a number of as yet untested treatments for COVID-19. Pictured: a COVID-19 testing site in Uppsala, Sweden. (photo: David Callahan)
    Published Dec 08, 2020

    A virtual screening of the DrugBank database has identified a variety of as yet unexplored ways to attack SARS-CoV-2, even as it mutates. The study identified drugs and possible cocktails that are sho...

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  • Student project contributes to future of ocean cargo shipping

    group of students poses with 1:30 scale model of the ocean cargo ship
    Students pose with the 1:30 scale model of the ship they are helping to develop. (photo: Jakob Kuttenkeuler)
    Published Dec 03, 2020

    A 200-metre long ocean cargo ship powered by wind is being developed in the Centre for Naval Architecture, part of the School of Engineering Sciences at KTH. The project is a collaboration with Wallen...

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  • Wind-powered cargo ship model sails in Stockholm

    A scale model of the oceanliner, Oceanbird, undergoing sailing tests in Stockholm.
    A scale model of the wind-powered oceanliner, Oceanbird, undergoing tests in Stockholm. (photo: private)
    Published Nov 30, 2020

    Until the mid-19th century, wind-powered vessels dominated the seas for at least 4,000 years. Now they’re making a comeback in the name of sustainability.

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  • “The sea is the key to a sustainable future”

    Photo of two fishermen fishing for Carp Bream.
    Carp Bream is both a good and climate smart fish that unfortunately is often thrown back in the water when caught. Photo: Roger Turesson / DN / TT
    Published Nov 24, 2020

    Of the 240,000 tons of fish that are caught in Sweden annually, only 40 percent goes to food consumption. At the same time, Sweden imports three quarters of the fish and shellfish we eat. Blue Food, a...

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