• Jake mixes science and politics

    Jake Whitehead has political ambitions with his research – to contribute to decisions that are of benefit to the environment. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published May 16, 2012

    He is passionate about change and says that the ecological arguments must be more important than the financial with regard to growth. Jake Whitehead i...

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  • Renewable Energy Research to Focus on Africa

    Published May 15, 2012

    In partnering with the International Renewable Energy Agency, KTH positions itself to create a range of new research and internship opportunities. Pro...

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  • A Range Tracker for Electric Cars

    Published May 11, 2012

    A major shortcoming of electric cars is drivers’ uncertainty over how far the vehicle can be driven before the battery dies, a phenomenon known as “ra...

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  • BRISK Accepting Proposals for Biofuels Research

    Published Apr 25, 2012

    The KTH-led, 26-member consortium BRISK has begun accepting proposals from researchers studying improved production methods for biofuels and thermal b...

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  • Save the City, Save the Planet

    Published Apr 20, 2012

    Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond: Rethinking Cities for the Future Edited by Tigran Haas, Published: April 3, 2012, Publisher: Rizzoli, New York ISBN...

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  • Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthesis Could Boost Solar Future

    Published Apr 11, 2012

    Researchers at the KTH Department of Chemistry have designed a molecular catalyst able to convert water into oxygen and protons at speeds similar to n...

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  • Telecom Research Aims at Climate Protection

    Published Apr 04, 2012

    Sibel Tombaz is still two years away from completing her PhD in Radio Communication Systems, but her work on improving the energy efficiency of mobile...

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  • Environmental Declaration for Master’s Programme

    Published Apr 04, 2012
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  • Reawakening for local environmental work

    Holger Berling
    The environmental work has become clearer and more targeted, says Holger Berling, environmental delegate at the School of Biotechnology. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Feb 20, 2012

    Over a period of three years, a new, certifiable system designed to manage environmental issues will be built at KTH. This focus has led to a reawaken...

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  • Carbon Dioxide Puts Waste Heat to Work

    Published Feb 08, 2012

    Yang Chen’s PhD research shows the promise of carbon dioxide as a working medium for turning low-grade waste heat into power to drive electric turbine...

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  • KTH Broadens Commitment to Sustainability Education

    Published Feb 06, 2012

    KTH’s focus on environmental issues — underlined in 2011 with the appointment of a vice-president for sustainability — is gaining momentum with new ta...

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  • High-Speed Train Research Pulls into the Station

    Published Feb 02, 2012

    The Gröna Tåget (Green Train) study is approaching its final destination. The potential benefits of future high-speed trains presented by researchers ...

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  • KTH to Host New Smart Grids Centre

    Published Jan 13, 2012

    KTH has been selected to anchor the new Swedish Centre for Smart Grids and Energy Storage (SweGRIDS), bringing academia together with industry and pub...

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  • Innovation Scholarship for Superabsorbent Polymer

    Published Jan 02, 2012

    Two KTH researchers have won a City of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship for an eco-friendly, high-efficiency and renewable superabsorbent polymer.

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  • KTH Joins Australian Low-Carbon Research Centre

    Published Nov 28, 2011

    The KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment has agreed to be an international partner in a new Australian research centre aimed at develo...

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  • "Enticing to become the first environmental manager"

    Johan Sundqvist
    Exciting to be environmental manager at KTH, says Johan Sundqvist. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Sep 26, 2011

    KTH now has an environmental manager. Johan Sundqvist was attracted by the fact that he would be involved from the start in a major commitment for the...

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