• Who controls public space?

    Published Sep 29, 2014

    Among the questions Maria Håkansson has researched is whether everyday environments, such as mass transit or residential neighborhoods, can serve as g...

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  • Fuel cell researchers seek better solutions

    Published Sep 11, 2014

    Rakel Wreland Lindström performs research in renewable energy and fuel cells at KTH. Nearly a year ago she got to tell the world and US President Bara...

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  • Better theoretical grasp would boost sustainable development

    Students need to have a more solid theoretical ground to stand on where sustainable development is concerned, says the environmental researcher Anna Björklund (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Jun 25, 2014

    No doubt, sustainable development engages the interest of both students and teaching staff. It is also a prioritised area for KTH Royal Institute of T...

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  • Searching for the perfect steel

    Published Jun 10, 2014

    A new theory may unlock the secret to a creating a perfect, ultralight steel, paving the way for more energy efficient vehicles and aircraft.

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  • Air current tracking may make flights greener

    Philipp Schlatter, left, and Luca Brandt aim to create the first-ever full simulation of turbulent air currents on an entire aircraft wing. (Photo: Marc Femenia)
    Published May 15, 2014

    Researchers into Fluid Mechanics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology are notching up further successes and have recently received a number of prestig...

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  • Researcher says consumption contradicts sustainability

    Our consumption is the crucial question for a sustainable society, according to the Environmental researcher Karin Bradley (Photo: Håkan Lindgren)
    Published Mar 03, 2014

    To be an environmental researcher also entails a responsibility to enter the debate on social priorities. This is the opinion of Bradley who undertake...

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  • The social impact tracker

    Published Jan 13, 2014

    In her PhD thesis, Elisabeth Ekener Petersen shows that social life cycle assessment is a useful tool to reveal poor working conditions and other nega...

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  • KTH's role in Brazil grows

    Published Nov 21, 2013

    The exchange between Sweden and Brazil continues to grow. Most recently, the city of Curitiba and KTH agreed to deepen their cooperation in sustainabl...

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  • Environmental investment is good business

    Published Nov 20, 2013

    A strengthened brand, proud employees and money saved. To invest in the environment and sustainability is profitable for companies. But more reliable ...

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  • Web firestorm raises concern over free exchange in science

    Published Oct 18, 2013

    Where new research is concerned, how free is one to think out loud and express ideas? The Swedish politician, Peter Pedersen, has already found out – ...

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  • Breakthrough enables long-distance delivery of renewable energy

    Göran Engdahl, professor of Electromagnetic Engineering, has contributed to the development of an eagerly awaited circuit-breaker for high voltage direct current (HVDC).
    Published Sep 04, 2013

    Smart grids are fundamental to allow increasing amount of renewable energy in the network. A much more flexible grid is also required in order to gene...

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  • New KTH-initiative on Smart Sustainable Cities

    Published Jun 13, 2013

    KTH Smart Sustainable Cities is a new KTH-wide initiative aiming to bundle resources, activities and competence at the intersection of technology, sus...

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  • E-waste recycling – at whose expense?

    Published Dec 19, 2012

    Computers, tablets and mobile phones are all popular consumer products. The lifespan of these devices is usually short, between two to four years. Sha...

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  • 'Paper cups don't exactly scream credibility'

    Elinor Falkman, head of communications for the KTH Energy Platform.
    Elinor Falkman from the Energy Platform challenges the conference organisers of the KTH to create the most environmentally friendly events possible. This will improve KTH's credibility, she suggests. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Dec 04, 2012

    If KTH is to become credible in environmental matters, it needs to practice what it preaches. Or more precisely, what it researches. This is the view ...

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  • Professor José Potting at fms

    Published Sep 19, 2012

    Renowned LCA expert joins our team.

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  • Success story - KTH trio shines in Desertec project

    Published Aug 15, 2012

    Three young KTH Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) alumni with a passion for a better world have been independently developing different solar techn...

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  • KTH's lunches become sustainable energy

    Master's student Janet Eustasie (on the right) and researcher Anders Malmquist are operating a biogas plant that transforms KTH's lunch leftovers to electricity and heat. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Jun 19, 2012

    The leftovers of your lunch that you leave on your plate are now being transformed into biogas at a research facility at the edge of the wood on Brine...

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  • The environmental issue to be included in all programmes

    “It is great that the course in sustainable development comes in at an early stage of the programme,” says computer engineering student Alexander Solsmed. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published May 28, 2012

    KTH is now making an extra effort with their educational programmes about environmental and sustainable development. Among other things, computer engi...

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  • Jake mixes science and politics

    Jake Whitehead has political ambitions with his research – to contribute to decisions that are of benefit to the environment. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published May 16, 2012

    He is passionate about change and says that the ecological arguments must be more important than the financial with regard to growth. Jake Whitehead i...

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  • Reawakening for local environmental work

    Holger Berling
    The environmental work has become clearer and more targeted, says Holger Berling, environmental delegate at the School of Biotechnology. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Feb 20, 2012

    Over a period of three years, a new, certifiable system designed to manage environmental issues will be built at KTH. This focus has led to a reawaken...

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