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  • TEDxKTHSalon on green and clean energy live recording available

    TEDxSalonKTH speakers Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Björn Laumert and Anna Pernestål with moderator Donnie Lygonis. Photo: Fredrik Persson
    Published Mar 30, 2022

    Now, the live recorded exciting, interactive online TEDxKTHSalon conversation about transforming to green and clean energy with researchers from KTH from 24 March, is available.

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  • Ethics are important when working with smart cities

    Pod taxis with low-cost sensors measuring the  temperature at Kungsholms Strand in Stockholm.
    Stockholm Heat is one example of a smart city project that is being implemented within the parameters of Stockholm Senseable Lab. Researchers in the project are using a method, City Scanner, where low cost sensors that measure the ambient and ground temperature, are fitted to pod taxis. Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Mar 30, 2022

    One key to achieve Stockholm’s vision of being the world’s smartest city by 2040, is the use of digitalisation, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), to analyse huge volumes of data that are gener...

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  • Stainless-steel slag treat acidic wastewater

    Remains of slag is emptied an a steel plant
    Photo: Jernkontoret
    Published Mar 23, 2022

    Slag from stainless-steel can substitute the use of lime to neutralise industrial acidic wastewater. This way part of the CO2 emissions derived by the extraction and processing of lime can be avoided,...

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  • Four KTH projects win big EU grants

    robot hand, wingtip, cannula and cells.
    1) Four research projects from KTH have been awarded ERC Consolidator Grants. Photos in the collage: upper left image: National Cancer Institute, upper right image: Raghavendra V. Konkathi, lower left image: Paul Vincent, lower right image: This is Engineering. All photos from Unsplash.
    Published Mar 22, 2022

    The recently published European Research Council list of European researchers who will receive 2021 ERC Consolidator Grants, contained the names of 313 researchers who will each be awarded a grant. Fo...

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  • How AI can improve elderly care

    elderly persons sitting on a bench outdoors
    Published Mar 21, 2022

    Researchers are looking to AI solutions to help geriatric multimorbidity patients avoid too much unnecessary shuttling between home and hospital stays. “Health problems can often be prevented by mor...

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  • Autonomous vehicles en route to the city

    Aqua blue minivan with 5G Ride printed across side door panels
    Future 5G Ride is a development of the 5G Ride project. Since 2020, researchers have been working with 5G and remote monitoring of vehicles via a traffic tower, something that will contribute to a smooth introduction of self-driving buses in an urban environment. Photo: 5G Ride
    Published Mar 14, 2022

    The automobile with a mind of its own is a recurring fantasy in TV and film dating back to the 1960s. But it’s nearly time for KITT, Christine and Herbie the Love Bug to pull over and let some real-li...

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  • SEK 99 million to small lead-cooled nuclear reactors

    Pär Olsson in lab
    “We are performing all the research that is needed before the construction of a lead-cooled nuclear reactor. The aim is to build an electrically heated pilot plant that can be used to prove the viability of an actual reactor,” says Professor Pär Olsson at KTH.
    Published Feb 21, 2022

    Researchers and industry in Sweden are working closely together to realise fourth generation lead-cooled nuclear power plants. Testing and preparatory work is in progress at KTH ahead of production of...

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  • Europe doesn’t realize full extent of threat to Mediterranean soil

    a vineyard in Italy with a farmhouse in the background.
    Mediterranean region has the overall highest soil erosion rates within the Europe, the lowest levels of soil organic matter and severe salinisation problems. Pictured: a vineyard in Italy. (Franco Volpato,
    Published Feb 16, 2022

    Europe’s Mediterranean countries produce a significant portion of the world’s wines, olives, nuts and tomatoes. But research shows that the region’s farms and orchards are the most susceptible in Euro...

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  • 'I want to at least contribute toward equality'

    Valerie Babkina poses in a doorway at the KTH Campus
    "There has to be a match between the scholarship and the person who gets it," says Valerie Babkina. (Photo: Margarita Babenko)
    Published Feb 10, 2022

    Valerie Babkina is determined to stop gendering in mass communications, particularly in her native Russia. That vision of sustainability has guided her in earning three successive scholarships, beginn...

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  • Céline Montanari, Biocomposites

    Woman in lab coat.
    Céline Montanari. Photo: Gabriella Mastantuoni, KTH
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    In recent years, the development of transparent wood biocomposites derived from delignified wood substrates have gained interest because they combine attractive structural properties with optical func...

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  • Research in between educational and technical history

    Lina Rahm researches critical pedagogy and environmental humanities at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Photo: Hanna Kalla
    Published Feb 02, 2022

    Lina Rahm is a new Assistant Professor at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Her research focuses on the intersection between sociotechnical and educational imaginaries.

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  • He maps out urban activity and unequal living conditions in cities

    Chen Feng is a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Urban Design (Tillämpad stadsbyggnad). Photo: Pixabay
    Published Jan 26, 2022

    Measuring urban forms and understanding how urban design can affect ways of living in the city are of great interest to Chen Feng, a postdoctoral fellow in Applied Urban Design. He is currently studyi...

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  • Growing ratio of women to men in master's programme recruitment

    view of the library from balcony
    The trend of diversification amounts to a 2-point year-over-year increase since 2018. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Jan 20, 2022

    Female enrollment in the master’s programmes at KTH Royal Institute of Technology has been steadily rising in recent years.

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  • “Healthcare and welfare services should be accessible to everyone”

    Portrait Rustam Nabiev
    “It is unacceptable that healthcare personnel in Uganda have to spend 16 minutes of their valuable time with each child that is to be vaccinated on administration, instead of teaching the parents about diet and how to care for the child instead. Our technology reduces this administration time to 4 minutes,” Nabiev says.
    Published Dec 16, 2021

    Rustam Nabiev, the recipient of the KTH Innovation Award for 2021, grew up in the shadow of civil war in Tajikistan. When he was 12-years old, he supported his family by collecting PET bottles. Today...

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  • KTH to host the THE Innovation & Impact Summit 2022

    Borggården at KTH:s campus at Valhallavägen.
    26-28 April next year, Times Higher Education's conference, THE Innovation & Impact Summit 2022, is to be arranged at KTH.
    Published Dec 15, 2021

    Stefan Östlund, Vice President for Global Relations and project manager of the THE (Times Higher Education) Innovation & Impact Summit 2022 that will be arranged at KTH from 26 – 28 April next year. C...

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  • Initiatives aimed at reversing deterioration of the Baltic Sea

    Mikael Östling, crown princess Victoria, Philip von Segebaden and David Nilsson gathered in library
    Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden participated in a Baltic Tech Initiative seminar at the KTH Library where she was joined by, from left, KTH Deputy President Mikael Östling, Development Office Director Philip von Segebaden and David Nilsson, scientific coordinator of the Baltic Tech Initiative.
    Published Dec 02, 2021

    The marine environment is worsening at a fast rate and KTH researchers are now working to reverse the trend in the Baltic Sea. “We want to solve the problems by, among other ways, electronically mon...

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  • The unit for combustion engines closes down

    Published Dec 01, 2021

    The Department of Machin Design (MMK) is closing down the Internal Combustion Engine unit. The underlying reason is that fossil-fueled vehicles are on their way out of society.

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  • Researchers experiment with future of sustainable student housing

    Students eat a meal in a shared kitchen at the experimental apartment
    Roommates gather in the kitchen of an experimental apartment designed for research in sustainable co-living for university students. (Photo: Fredrik Persson)
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    A new, eco-friendly student residence project indicates that students in Sweden can expect a different kind of housing in the future.

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  • He examines adaptations in society to climate change during times of deep uncertainty

    Per Wikman Svahn undersöker risker och däribland hur vi kan anpassa samhället till de stigande havsnivåerna. (Foto: Hanna Kalla)
    Published Nov 17, 2021

    Per Wikman Svahn is a researcher at the Division of Philosophy and examines, among other things, decision-making strategies during times of deep uncertainty, philosophical aspects of worst-case scenar...

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  • SVT visits CoKitchen at KTH Live-In Lab

    Skärmdump från SVT:s inslag om CoKitchen.
    Published Nov 16, 2021

    SVT recently visited the CoKitchen apartment at KTH's campus. One of the participating students in the CoKitchen project gave SVT a tour of the apartment, where a total of four students will be living...

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