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Michael Malkoch

Professor of Functional Organic Nanomaterials

The biomedical treatments available at hospitals today are not always satisfactory. There are still a number of challenges relating to materials engineering. A case in point is today's highly outdated treatment of bone fractures whereby metal plates and screws are often used as the fixing method. This treatment is limited to less complicated fractures and entails significant discomfort for the patient, long periods of sick leave and overall high costs to society. Research at KTH within the area of functional organic nanomaterials focuses on identifying precision polymers that can address several of today's healthcare-related bottlenecks.

The cornerstone of Michael Malkoch's research is to propose robust and greener chemical reactions to sophisticated polymers, which, in turn, by developing new engineering methods, are developed into innovative material concepts. The end-result is e.g. precision carriers of drugs in the form of nanomedicines, adhesive for fixing soft tissue and bone fractures, antibacterial film and biosensors. The research is of an interdisciplinary nature and requires a fundamental understanding of the material's characteristics; everything from the simplest molecular bonding, design of polymers and smart formulation strategies, to mechanical and biological analyses. 

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