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Yusak Octavius Susilo

Professor of Transport Analysis and Transport Policy

Yusak Susilo's research lies in the interface between several different areas. This concerns transport, urban planning, decision-making processes and behavioural interaction models. The research focuses on understanding how people plan and create their day-to-day travel patterns, and how these patterns would have to be adjusted if the existing design of cities and infrastructure were to be changed. An understanding of this would help to design more people-centred towns and cities and transport services that are not just sustainable, effective and resilient, but also inclusive.

To be able to analyse the many dimensions of the individual decision-making processes for people's travel patterns, there is a need to deploy interdisciplinary models and innovative and intelligible data. To achieve this goal, in recent years Susilo has devoted efforts to connecting broader knowledge of human behaviour with traditional modelling of transport and land use. This entails developing a new approach which also includes data concerning e.g. health and welfare, as well as data from smartphones and sensors.

Susilo is also working on translating his research to cases relating to developing countries, based on the conviction that no real progress will be achieved unless counterparties in these countries are also on board.

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