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Shervin Bagheri

Professor in Fluid Mechanics

Spilling a glass of water is not only annoying, it also triggers a number of reactions between the fluid and table surface. Exactly what happens when the energy and particles in the fluid interact with the table has still not been fully resolved. 

Shervin Bagheri’s research is focused on understanding what mechanisms are involved when gas and liquids, so-called moving fluids, move around and in materials. How are energy, mass and momentum transferred and how do different particles interact with impermeable and porous surfaces?

His research addresses both small systems with structured and ordered flows, so-called laminar flows, where the results can be used within life sciences and biotechnology. Plus, larger systems where flows are turbulent and the results can lead to applications within sectors such as energy, transport and industry. 

Examples of research questions include: how are friction, heat transfer and transport affected when water and air flow over a surface that is uneven, deformable and porous? How do chemical substances, cells, fibres and other particles move from a turbulent environment in a porous and complex material? And how do drops spread on an uneven surface? The answers to these questions can simplify the development of new tools to develop more energy efficient technologies.

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